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Four Seasons Riyadh gets facelift

Four Seasons Riyadh gets facelift

The multimillion dollar refurbishment of Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh is underway with plans to create an exclusive floor for female travellers, a female-only gym and an extra 45 rooms besides the existing facilities. The expansion also includes changes to the hotel restaurants.

45 guest rooms will be added to the property bringing the total number of rooms to 274 on completion of the project.

A private reception area with butler services will be added to the top floor – which is for females only - and is expected to be completed by October.

The 330sqm Kingdom Suite, spread over two floors, boasts its own private elevator and a private gym.

“We’ve refined the look with fresher colours,” explains General Manager Greg Pirkle.


New features include powerpoints besides guests beds, reading lights ans functional desks.

“The rooms are completely done with the exception of the top two floors. We used to have private residences up there, and we’ve taken them away and added two floors - which has increased our inventory by about 10%.”

Additional plans include an upgrade of male spa, with plans to open a new spa dedicated to female guests.

The restaurants have also been refurbished including a new multi-buffet concept restaurant “Elements”.