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Luxurious look and a feast of flavour with palate pleasing innovation at Four Seasons Hotel Beijing

Luxurious look and a feast of flavour with palate pleasing innovation at Four Seasons Hotel Beijing

Midsummer has arrived at Michelin starred, Black Pearl awarded Chinese restaurant Cai Yi Xuan at Four Seasons Hotel Beijing. The restaurant’s talented chefs have combined the best of tradition and cutting-edge culinary innovation to once again turn gourmet food into an art form. The fresh takes on popular dishes in Cai Yi Xuan will bring a sumptuous new experience of Cantonese cuisine.

See Chefs First Hand
Witness the talent and finesse of the chef as the fish is delicately poached in a seafood soup before guests’ eyes. Seafood is one of the most important ingredients in Cantonese cuisine. In addition to abalone and sea cucumber, fish is favoured to the Cantonese as it has overtones of prosperity and good living. Using the greatly-prized spotted or tiger grouper fish, the result is a fragrant masterpiece of delicate meat and a subtle sweet, thick soup, with an aftertaste that lingers beautifully on the palate for hours. The experience is unparalleled with the visual feast of the chefs’ delicate live cooking of spotted garoupa poached in seafood soup at the table.

Quality Ingredients Give Twice the Taste
The heart of Cantonese cuisine is unchanged, as innovative new dishes become classics in their own right. The team at Cai Yi Xuan knows the importance of the finest quality ingredients and is always on the lookout for improvements. Chef Li Qiang is the driving force behind this fusion of the traditional and the new. Try his black pork dish with only the finest cuts of meat, which are roasted before being drizzled with sweet and sour sauce and allowed to rest in a warm customized oven to remain moist while locking in those gorgeous flavours.

Healthy Eating for Style and Nourishment
Maw fish is rich in collagen. Along with selected bird’s nest dishes, the health benefits of choosing these options are clear. Cai Yi Xuan Chinese restaurant uses only the best ingredients to make healthy nutritious dishes such as braised superior bird’s nest with egg white and crab claw, double-boiled superior bird’s nest with bamboo pith, double-boiled bird’s nest with egg white and milk and double-boiled Yunnan matsutake mushroom with maw fish.

Customer Focused Authenticity
Selecting seasonal ingredients and incorporating new ingredients into traditional Cantonese cooking continues to delight Four Seasons diners. Cai Yi Xuan’s new a la carte menu specially incorporates acclaimed seasonal dishes such as Australian wagyu oxtail. Chef Li Qiang is passionate about his work. “For Chinese people, eating is a pillar of our culture and an expression of emotions. Our feelings and our food are inextricably linked and widespread, leading us to the very soul the Chinese nation.”


The new a la carte of Cai Yi Xuan Chinese restaurant is available now.