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Prepare for parenthood at Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village

Prepare for parenthood at Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village

Located inside the award-winning Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village, the Center for Health & Wellbeing recently opened with wellness programs tailored to individual guest health goals – including expecting individuals seeking a meaningful and enriching escape. 

Parents to-be can take advantage of the Center for Health & Wellbeing wellness stays to discover an experience tailored to the next stage of life.

The two-night Wellness Stay includes:

- Overnight accommodations
- Access to all daily health and fitness classes
- Three Feel Good Meals per day
- One Wellbeing Elective per day

Accredited Health Experts
The Center for Health & Wellbeing’s team of accredited experts provides practical insights, caring support, and thoughtful guidance. The Center’s on-site registered dieticians, exercise physiologists, and licensed therapists work with each guest to define, achieve, and maintain health and wellness goals.


Wellbeing Electives
The Center’s range of wellbeing electives are designed to inspire a deeply personal health journey. Guests can choose from a variety of workshops or one-on-one consultations that align with the intention of moving towards parenthood. 

Example of wellbeing electives include: 

Private Life Strategies Consultation - Planning for parenthood comes with inevitable highs and lows. Guests will away personalized strategies for an evolving lifestyle to create balance and healthy habits as guests journey through pre- and post-natal transitions. The Hotel’s team of Licensed Marriage and Family therapists will customize a session to provide realistic tools to use daily at home.

Private Fitness Consultation - The right movement is an important part of pre- and post-natal health and wellness. A personal consultation with an Exercise Physiologist may include goal-setting strategies and aerobic, strength and flexibility training. Receive essential tools to safely transition through these new phases of life and fitness.

Private Registered Dietitian Experiences - A Registered Dietitian will create a personalized healthy eating plan that considers an evolving family and specific lifestyle needs. Whether the guest is pregnant and exploring optimum nutrition for themselves and the baby or one is a partner seeking ways to develop healthier eating routines, the accredited experts will provide practical insights to add to routines at home and in the kitchen. 
Prices starting at USD 2,900 per person.