Top aviation to deploy iPort departure control system across Egypt

Top aviation to deploy iPort departure control system across Egypt

Travelport, a leading distribution services and e-commerce provider for the global travel industry, and Res2 BV, developer of the Web-based iPort airline departure control system (DCS), today jointly announce Cairo-based Top Aviation as the latest ground handling services provider to deploy the iPort departure control system (iPort DCS) following the signing of a multi-year agreement.

Top Aviation will initially use iPort DCS to support 15 airline customers at eight airports throughout Egypt.  The cost-efficient, user-friendly platform will be implemented to transform passenger check-in, boarding and aircraft load control processes. Once implementation for Top Aviation is complete, iPort will be supporting 75 airlines and ground handling companies around the globe.

Principal benefits to Top Aviation are that iPort:

*  enables all DCS functions to be easily accessed and managed by staff anywhere in the world and is fully accessible from desktop to mobile devices.
*  accelerates passenger check-in through its graphical user interface (GUI) - reducing keystrokes, eliminating errors, and cutting customer wait times, all resulting in greater operational efficiency.
*  allows flight dispatchers to make real-time adjustments to airplane load planning as passengers check in, using simple-to-use, drag-and-drop processes.
*  integrates with the Travelport E-Ticket Interchange and Travelport Check-in Interchange to provide immediate access to interline and through check-in partners, including airlines and ground handling agents worldwide.

“The competitive state of the aviation industry demands that we provide highly personalized services to our clientele at a competitive price, and deliver exceptional quality, service and responsiveness to today’s airline passengers,” said Mohamed Aziz, general manager, Top Aviation. “While working with the iPort DCS on behalf of a major European airline, we were able to see the benefits it brought to our operations, and we’re eager to put those great benefits to work for our clients and their customers across Egypt.”


“We welcome Top Aviation as the newest ground handling services provider to adopt the iPort DCS,” said Hans van Engelen, chief executive officer, Res2. “Top Aviation is focused on performance and cost control through advanced technologies, and iPort will help the company and its clients drive optimal efficiency into their passenger management processes, resulting in higher traveler satisfaction and revenue.”

“Top Aviation’s choice of iPort is a solid endorsement of one of today’s most efficient DCS solutions,” said Derek Sharp, Travelport president and managing director, Global Distribution Sales & Services and Airline IT Solutions. “iPort’s continued momentum confirms that this is the right solution at the right time to help airlines and ground handlers realize greater efficiency, reduced operating costs and higher traveler satisfaction.”