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Qatar Airways signs NDC partnership with Travelport

Qatar Airways signs NDC partnership with Travelport

Travelport and Qatar Airways have announced a comprehensive new long-term distribution agreement.

The deal is designed to facilitate an omni-channel, advanced retailing strategy at the airline.

The expanded agreement will include, for the first time, NDC content and advanced travel merchandising solutions – delivered via the next-generation Travelport+ platform.

In addition to extending a longstanding distribution agreement which delivers Qatar Airways content to Travelport-connected travel agencies globally, the agreement will also see Travelport distributing Qatar Airways’ NDC content.

By enabling agencies to shop and book dynamic and personalised offers, this will enable the airline to offer differentiated value propositions closely tailored to micro customer segments.


The contract now also includes the use of Travelport’s Rich Content and Branding solution.

The technology provides travel agents with graphically rich images and descriptions on fares and ancillaries, equipping them to deliver an equally compelling brand experience, no matter the channel.

“We’re excited about the next chapter with Travelport supporting our growth ambitions,” said Thierry Antinori, chief commercial officer at Qatar Airways.

“As we look forward to the recovery in travel, we do not want to add additional obstacles such as surcharges, restrictions or inefficient technical solutions, as we deploy new NDC-based product offerings.

“Our aim is to provide a consistent shopping experience through all channels, to meet the expectations of our customers and promote the success of our travel trade partners.”