India’s first B2B spa magazine to launch soon

India’s first B2B spa magazine to launch soon

A Quest for Wellbeing

From ancient times, Indians have believed in “Swasthya” meaning “Wellbeing”. And our ancient traditions of yoga and ayurveda were its basis. Today, the new generations of prosperous Indians, dynamic, extensive travelers, are looking for places of “Wellbeing” within India.

And why not? Blessed with breathtaking landscapes from the Himalayas to pristine beaches of Kerala, India is full of spectacular natural beauty and touristic attractions. Add to it, its ancient healing practices and you have a tempting spa destination.

A Buoyant Demand

Today, the Indian Spa industry is booming. Valued at a Rs. 137 billion (USD 3.04 bn) by FROST & SULLIVAN in 2010, it is estimated to grow to Rs.510 Billion (USD 11.35 bn) by 2014. With a CAGR of 30% p.a. India is attracting international investors, developers, spa brands, spa products, consultants and suppliers like never before.


A population of 1.2 billion people (a third of which constitute the aspiring middle class) + a robust economy, makes India a very attractive potential market for the spa industry.

While Ayurvedic resorts have existed and been in demand for several years, the real growth in the industry was initiated only a few years ago, and mainly through hotel spas. And now this trend has gotten further strengthened with increasing numbers of stand-alone day spas or destination spas in different parts of the country.

Spa Mantra

Spa Mantra is the result of the extraordinary change that India is undergoing. It is the first Indian magazine aimed specifically at opinion leaders of India’s Spa & Wellness Industry - owners, directors, managers, consultants, architects…

“A relatively new and promising spa market like India lacks sustained information on different aspects of this rapidly evolving industry…e.g. regulations and quality standards; education and training; concept and design. Spamantra will fill this gap” says Sandhya Chipalkatti,

Director- C & E Media

Spa Mantra is specifically written for investors and developers, operators and buyers, designers and suppliers. The publication is aimed at readers that work in all areas of the professional spa and wellness market in India. At the same time it will carry content that interests regular spa and wellness customers.

SpaMantra content will span the latest news, information and in depth insights into the Indian Spa & Wellness industry. In fact, it will encompass virtually everything to do with this industry from India and around the world. Expect to see editorial contributions from some of the biggest names in the business.

The magazine will be published 6 times a year and is planned to be circulated to 3000 of the top spa directors, investors, international brands, and some key chains of spas as well.

Special Features

- Interviews with Leading Personalities
- Guest Column
- Hottest Global Spa Destinations
- Leisure and Luxury in a Spa
- Spa Trends


- Latest News from around the World
- New Launches
- Previews and Reviews of Destination Spas, Hotel Spas, Day spas Medi Spas, Ayurvedic Spas & Wellness Centres
- Equipment/Technology
- Spa Destinations
- Spa Spotlight
-Spa Marketing


- Editor’s Perspective
- Calendar of Events
- Spotlight: Treatment
- Spotlight: Product
- Spotlight: New Projects