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St. Martins Spa & Lodge – the first lodge resort in central Europe

In one of the most beautiful areas in Austria, directly at the Neusiedler See –Seewinkel National Park, in the middle of a region that has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site – that’s where St. Martins Spa & Lodge is situated. Curious, stimulating, natural – St. Martins Spa & Lodge provides both top-notch spa experiences and adventure. With its own 8-hectare swimming lake St. Martins is a place to kick back and unwind and to live the beach life to the fullest.

The St. Martins Spa & Lodge is where it all comes together – the premium atmosphere of 4-star superior accommodation and the pristine nature surrounding the premises. The uniqueness of its location, the proprietary swimming lake, the pleasantly warm thermal waters, one-of-a-kind nature and culture, a magnificent wine-growing tradition and culinary experiences all come together to form top-class wellness offers.


It’s a place to find oneself and become one with nature. A place for epicures and explorers. “A mere hour’s drive from Vienna, that’s all it takes for our guests to discover this hidden gem”, says Klaus Hofmann of St. Martins. “On one of our comfy sunbeds on the spacious outdoor area overlooking or own private swimming lake, maybe with a cocktail in one’s hand – that’s a fast-track to that relaxed holiday-feeling”.

Beach fun without weather limitations: The unique combination of an idyllic outdoor swimming lake and exclusive indoor spa facilities at St. Martins means that guests will find the perfect pastime regardless of weather conditions. The comfy sunbeds under straw-thatched parasols looking out onto the savannah-like pannonic landscape are situated just a stone’s throw away from the Beach Bar and the Chill Out Lounge, where every day at noon a barbeque is fired up to complete the holiday atmosphere.

“Our lake boasts crystal clear waters, it couldn’t be more inviting” says Hofmann. “For some this means relaxation, for others it’s the perfect opportunity to start the day with a bit of exercise. With it being a proper lake in depth and size there’s ample room not only for a dip but also for proper sports”. With designated roped-off lanes swimmers can train without having to watch out for fellow guests on Stand Up Paddle boards, another aquatic activitythat can be tried out at St Martins.

Exploring the regions uniqa fauna on safari
Many guests, when out and about on “Seewinkel Safari” with St Martins own team of rangers, find that these nature encounters are not only stunning as such, but also a realm to reconnect with oneself.

The name “lodge” already points towards it: St Martins is centrally located close to Vienna, but it sure feels like the African savannah, and it’s ideal for those who want to experience nature and its beauty mindfully. The St. Martins Rangers, a team of experts accompany guests through this unique landscape all year round every day of the year, offering nature encounters the most relaxing way possible.

“These safaris offer one-of-a-kind experiences to our guests”, says Hofmann. “Kids and adults alike thrive on the opportunity to discover and connect with nature anew. Our rangers are all fully qualified nature experts with backgrounds in biology, ornithology, environmental education and similar specializations. They have ample knowledge of this habitat and its unique fauna and flora and can tell many tales surrounding these landscapes and their history and development. What’s more, they are expertly trained presenters and narrators, making every safari an interactive discovery.” The biodiversity of the region is outstanding, and with every safari there are surprises and unexpected details waiting to be discovered, ranging from bugs to mammals. The region is also renowned as a unique and protected bird habitat.