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Wizz Air launches auto check-in service

Wizz Air launches auto check-in service

Wizz Air has introduced a new auto check-in service, allowing customers to obtain boarding passes 50 hours prior to their flight without having to manually check-in.

This product has been designed for customers who want to book their tickets and not have to worry about boarding cards.

The reservation system will automatically check-in passengers who purchased this service 50 hours before departure, allocate a seat (random or pre-selected) and send the boarding pass by email to the customer.

The service can be added during the flight booking or on the itinerary page.

Auto check-in is included in the Wizz Plus package, with other passengers can pay a fee starting at €1.50 per passenger per flight.


Andras Rado, corporate communications manager at Wizz Air, said: “Time efficiency is extremely important when planning both business and leisure trips.

“With our new auto check-in service customers can save time by not having to check in and download boarding passes, reducing the burden of admin for a trip.

“We at Wizz Air continuously monitor consumer trends and keep developing new products and services to make our customers’ journey even smoother.”

Further information on the product and the terms and conditions can be found at here.