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The World’s Leaders in Aviation Issued a Strong Call to Promote Gender Equality

The World’s Leaders in Aviation Issued a Strong Call to Promote Gender Equality

The initiative was discussed during the ICAO Global Aviation Summit in Madrid.

ICAO Council President Salvatore Sciacchitano issued the call to action, arguing that promoting gender equality across the industry is not only the ethical thing to do but an essential shift for the future of the business. The Call to Action sends a message of resolve and urgency, and it lays out several options for moving forward strategically.

To better foresee trends, expected requirements, and prepare for them, as well as make educated policy and decision, the creation of better data was identified as a top priority in the area of gender equality.

“I am fully convinced that if we don’t give up, if we keep pushing forward, we can transform aviation into a beacon of inclusivity, and a global industry of diversity and equality,” Sciacchitano added.

Participants at the summit emphasized the need to integrate gender equality into all facets of the aviation industry, from policy formulation to the allocation of resources. The panel concluded that policies and initiatives should be reflective of fundamental concepts of working conditions supportive of women’s advancement in their careers and leadership roles.


Specific goals surrounding these objectives were regarded as vital to their attainment, as was the development and pushing of higher representation of different abilities into executive, leadership, and board positions.

In closing, attendees acknowledged the critical significance of increasing exposure to STEM education and inspiring the next generation to pursue professions as qualified aviation specialists. The importance of role models, ambassadors, and mentoring programs was also emphasized, as was the need for coordinated effort and cooperation with various stakeholders and businesses.