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Long-haul traffic drives continued growth at Gatwick

Long-haul traffic drives continued growth at Gatwick

Gatwick has reported revenue increased 6.1 per cent to £811 million for the financial year just ended.

Combined with careful cost management, this resulted an EBITDA increase of 7.3 per cent, to £441 million, and a profit after tax of £208 million.

A total of 46.4 million passengers, driven by a 14 per cent increase in long-haul travel.

Around one in five passengers now travel long-haul to and from Gatwick as the airport’s global connections continue to grow.

China Eastern airlines started flying to Shanghai in December last year, while Norwegian commenced a new Rio service in March.


Income per passenger for the year increased by £0.75 (or 4.5 per cent) to £17.47.

Gatwick Airport, chief executive, Stewart Wingate said: “Today’s results underline our ambition to be a thriving global airport which continues to invest in our passengers and local communities, while strongly supporting UK plc.

“Over the last year, we have achieved strong passenger growth matched by a reduction in our local noise footprint; robust financial results matched by record levels of investment back into the airport; and growing global connections fuelling increased trade and tourism opportunities.

“These strong results give us a firm foundation for future sustainable growth and later this year we look forward to publishing our final master plan which will help set the long-term growth and development plan for Gatwick.”