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Lanserhof launches Long-Covid package in Austria

Lanserhof launches Long-Covid package in Austria

Lanserhof has launched a series of packages designed to tackle Long-Covid at its Austrian outpost, Lanserhof Lans.

The packages combine extensive diagnostics, fasting, nutritional supplementation and CellGym metabolic activation with exercise to fight neuroinflammation resulting from the infection.

Long-Covid is a silent-inflammatory reaction.

The viral infection can be over, but the inflammatory response can persist and continue.

The anti-inflammatory mechanisms in the body are massively weakened and this can also affect the brain.


The result: fatigue syndrome, so-called neuroinflammation, in which those affected experience a persistent feeling of tiredness, exhaustion and listlessness.

The symptoms can be different and vary in severity for each individual.

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Lanserhof has been setting standards in modern medicine for over 30 years and is a unique institution for prevention and health regeneration worldwide.

The origin of the Lanserhof concept lies in Tyrol and was created in years of research and development work by Lanserhof doctors and therapists.

The symbiosis of traditional naturopathy and the latest medical findings are unique and remains constantly innovative.

A two-week Lanserhof Long-Covid Package costs €7,387, excluding accommodation.

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