Sabre taps into Host Agency in Canada

Sabre Canada is entering into a Letter of Understanding with Travel Source Network “At Home Travel” business based in Canada. Sabre Travel Network will partner with Travel Source Network to promote together the host agency business in Canada that has been successful in the U.S. as Nexion. Nexion is the largest host agency in the United States with more than 2,000 participating members and sales in excess of $200 million. Nexion’s success has been overwhelming in the U.S. during the last three years of operation and Sabre is looking at this new partnership, in Canada, as a natural extension to their current offerings.

“Travel Source Network will work closely with Nexion to offer the best solutions and content to our members,” said Larry Finn, president of Travel Source Network. “This is yet another sign that Sabre is concentrating on strengthening the agency channel by focusing not only on technology but also on products, content and services that can greatly reduce retail travel agencies’ current operating expenses. In addition, Nexion provides unique marketing opportunities utilizing sophisticated customer relationship management programs and data base marketing services designed to drive business to its members.”

“We have been watching the Canadian market closely and the evolution of the host agency business for the past two years as we have honed the program in the U.S.,” said James McNair, president of Sabre Canada. “The market conditions are excellent in Canada and we expect through our partnership with Travel Source Network, that they will become the market leader in the very near future. No existing company in Canada can offer the unique technology platform, buying power or services which Sabre Travel Network and Nexion bring to the marketplace.”

Finn is extremely pleased with the partnership opportunities Sabre Travel Network and Nexion provide. “Larry has a proven track record with Sabre during the past 20 years, building a number of highly successful travel businesses. He is the ideal partner for Sabre Travel Network to expand into this new and emerging model in Canada,” McNair added.

Travel Source Network was the first “At Home Travel” host agency in Canada established in 1993. Finn said, “We have taken the last eight months rebuilding the foundation, technology platform, systems and processes, preparing for an aggressive growth over the next three years. From day one, our goal has been to be the largest most successful host agency system in Canada and we are on track.”