ABTA boosted by new members

ABTA boosted by new members

ABTA welcomed 11 new Members, five trading as duals, five trading as principals and one trading as a retail Member. Additionally, 10 new Partners joined the association from 1 January to 31 March 2016.

The following companies became Members of ABTA:

  Capital Business Services Ltd, ABTA Number P6961, Retail, joined 13/01/16
  The India Travel Company London Ltd, ABTA Number Y6329, Principal, joined 19/01/2016
  Etihad Tourism LLC, ABTA Number Y6333, Principal, joined 17/02/2016
  UK Travel Junction Ltd, ABTA Number Y6334, Principal, joined 19/02/2016
  Asia Pacific Travel Ltd, ABTA Number Y6336/P6972, Dual, joined 28/02/16
  Pro Executive Travel Ltd, ABTA Number Y6340/P6975, Dual, joined 02/03/2016
  Amakuna Travel Ltd, ABTA Number Y6339, Principal, joined 02/03/2016
  Monster Group (Travel) SL, ABTA Number Y6342/P6977, Dual, joined 04/03/2016
  Niquesa World Ltd, ABTA Number Y6343/P6978, Dual, joined 08/03/2016
  Crosskeys Coaches Ltd, ABTA Number Y6344/P6982, Dual, joined 17/03/2016
  SmoothRed Ltd, ABTA Number Y6346, Principal, joined 18/03/2016

In addition, 12 managed branches joined ABTA.

The following companies became ABTA Partners:


  Yellowfish Travel LDA, ABTA Partner Number TIP615, joined 04/01/2016
  Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority, ABTA Partner Number TIP616, joined 06/01/2016
  Instituto Brasileiro de Turismo, ABTA Partner Number TIP617, joined 21/01/2016
  Cambridge Mercantile Corp. (UK) Ltd, ABTA Partner Number TIP618, joined 29/01/2016
  Docleaf Ltd, ABTA Partner Number TIP619, joined 05/02/2016
  Securewest International Ltd, ABTA Partner Number TIP621, joined 24/02/2016
  Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority, ABTA Partner Number TIP620, joined 24/02/2016
  Jacob Bailey Ltd, ABTA Partner Number TIP622, joined 24/02/2016
  Minicabit Limited, ABTA Partner Number TIP623, joined 23/03/2016
  Discovery Rodrigues Co Ltd, ABTA Partner Number TIP624, joined 31/03/2016

Mark Tanzer, ABTA Chief Executive said, “It is fantastic to see 11 new Members and 10 new Partners join us in the first part of 2016. We look forward to working with them and supporting them throughout the year ahead. ABTA Membership and our Partner scheme offer a great range of resources which I hope they will take full advantage of.”

Adam Stebbings, Director of SmoothRed Wine Travel Company stated “We’re proud to be wearing the ABTA badge and give our customers peace of mind when travelling with us to the wine regions of Europe and USA. Being affiliated with the UK’s leading travel body brings added security to each individual customer and we pride ourselves on a personal travel service with high standards. In addition to this the very helpful ABTA Members Zone and the expert advice on tap ensures our travel experts have all the support and advice they need to care for the customer.’’

Alan Johnson, Managing Director of Crosskeys Coaches said “We’re delighted to be new members of ABTA and part of the UK’s largest travel association. Our membership gives us access to a whole host of advice and guidance and offers our customers the security in knowing that we are a reputable company, backed by ABTA.”