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Warnings over South Africa currency restrictions

Warnings over South Africa currency restrictions

Tourists heading to the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa are being warned they could face the prospect of having cash confiscated if they fail to adhere to strict currency regulations.

Under South African law visitors to the country are permitted to take only £450 – approximately 5,000 rand – across the international border.

However, as many as three quarters of British holidaymakers planning to make the journey to watch Fabio Capello and his team are unaware of these restrictions.

According to a survey by Sainsbury’s Travel Money, around 36 per cent of potential visitors were actively planning to take more than £450 of rand with them.

Visitors expected to have roughly an average of £665 in local currency when they arrive in the country, while one in five people said they planned to travel with more than £1,000 of rand.


Scott Gorman, head of Sainsbury’s Travel Money, said: “Our research shows that thousands of people may be taken by surprise at the currency import restrictions in place when entering South Africa.”

More than 460,000 people visit South Africa each year, and numbers are expected to be higher this year because of the World Cup.

However, numbers have consistently been revised downward, with just over 400,000 additional visitors now expected for the duration of the tournament.

South Africa kick-off the first game, against Mexico, on June 11th.