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Turkey celebrates UAE partnership at Expo 2020

Turkey celebrates UAE partnership at Expo 2020

Tugay Tuncer, ambassador of Turkey to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), toured the Turkey pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai earlier, taking in the visitor experience and highlighting the trade and investment opportunities the mega-event will offer.

Speaking to the Expo News Service, Tuncer explained that Turkey’s participation in Expo 2020 signifies “a new era of cooperation and a strengthening relationship with the

Commissioner general of Turkey, Mukerrem Aksoy, stressed the strength of the country’s food and agriculture sectors when the world is faced with food security issues: “Turkey produces organic foods for the whole world.

“And we are ready to supply the world.”

Discussing the growing trade between the two nations, the ambassador stated: “Our trade with the UAE is at US$8.5 billion and the numbers are increasing – in the first six months we saw close to a one hundred per cent increase, and Expo 2020 will contribute to [this growth].


“It will show that we can export processed food, fruit and vegetables and construction materials, which this region needs, and which Turkey has in abundance.

“Our construction sector is the second biggest in the world.”

Expo 2020 is also expected to contribute to Turkey’s tourism sector.

The diplomat, who once worked as a tourist guide, said: “Many people earn their income from tourism, whether guides, hotel employees, or in food production or processing - the industry has many sub-products and sub-industries.

“We welcomed approximately 30 million tourists annually before Covid-19, across coastal, cultural, health and winter tourism.

“This year, we reached high numbers, despite opening to the market quite late, and it was clear that people are hungry for travel.”

Located in the Sustainability District, the Turkey pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, under the theme ‘Creating the Future from the Origin of Civilizations’, was designed to reflect the unique history of Anatolia – the cradle of civilisations, as well as to showcase nature the country’s sustainability goals.