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Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta donates IDR 500 Million

Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta donates IDR 500 Million

As the result of the annual charity event, the Jakarta RACE (Run Against Cancer Everyone), Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta handed a donation of IDR 500 million to the Indonesian Cancer Foundation during colorectal cancer awareness month. This event is also attended by the representatives of PT Roche Indonesia and HSBC Indonesia as the main partner Jakarta RACE 2011.

“We are delighted to be involved in an effort to fight cancer in Indonesia and we are committed to arrange the Jakarta RACE event annually. Our donation to the ICF comes from Jakarta RACE’s participants, and we thank them for their support,” said Vikram Reddy, general manager Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta.

“We are delighted to see the results of the Jakarta RACE fundraising and to be able to deliver the fund to the beneficiaries of this donation. For HSBC Indonesia, Jakarta RACE program has become an important part of employee involvement activities, and also has become part of our campaign to embrace diversity and encourage our employees to be open and loving those who are less fortunate. Active involvement in the Jakarta RACE and ICF programs are the evidence of our commitment to the sustainability pillars of HSBC, and diversity and togetherness,” said Maya S. Rizano, head of group communications and corporate sustainability fpr HSBC Indonesia.

“We greatly appreciate the assistance of Four Seasons in raising money together with all partners and supporters including PT Roche Indonesia and HSBC Indonesia, and entrust ICF to realize cancer controlling activities to reduce the death rate in Indonesia. We encourage people to care about their families and save lives with early detection because your life is really precious, “said ICF Chairman Prof Prof. DR. dr. Nila Moeloek, Sp.M (K) in her speech at the event.

ICF will use the donation in a series of educational activities, early detection and providing direct assistance to cancer patients. Public education through the media and the provision of free pap smear tests as a means of early detection of cancer are two key programs of ICF. If cancer is detected early and treated promptly, survival rates are higher, particularly for colorectal cancer.


According to the World Health Organization, colorectal cancer is the third leading cause of cancer-related death, exceeding the death rate from breast cancer. Meanwhile, 50 percent of colorectal cancer mortality can be prevented. In Indonesia, thirty percent of patients with colorectal cancer are in their reproductive age. Furthermore, colorectal cancer is unrelated with gender where the ratio of patients with colorectal cancer between men and women is almost equally proportional (60 percent in men and 40 percent in women).

“Do not hesitate or feel scared to seek early detection of colorectal cancer. Colorectal cancer can be cured. If the cancer is detected in early stage, then the survival rate of patients is up to 95 percent. There have been many innovations in cancer treatment with significant results that help patients,” said DR. Dr. Aru Sudoyo, SpPD, KHOM, FACP, an internist and consultant in the Hematology and Medical Oncology Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia.

In accordance with its vision, ICF hopes the government can improve their efforts in cancer control. “We appreciate the government’s support against cancer and in the future, we hope the government will continue to give their attention on cancer and help the community to control cancer because every life is worth living,” said Prof. DR. dr. Nila Moeloek, Sp.M (K).