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Seychelles surprises with its continued positive tourism score

Seychelles surprises with its continued positive tourism score

The tropical mid-ocean islands of the Seychelles continue to go against the trend by recording remarkable increases in their visitor arrival numbers.

This message was the question raised this week by many international press representatives who remained impressed with the successes of these islands in the Indian Ocean.

The Seychelles National Bureau of Statistics issued its Statistical Bulletin for the week ending April 8, 2012, which showed a 12 percent increase over the island’s 2011 figures. This increase is being recorded even when the main traditional tourist markets of Seychelles are not performing since the pull out of the direct flights by Air Seychelles from France and Italy.

The Seychelles Tourism Board embarked on a policy of diversification and opened new markets for the country as the consolidated sum of the existing main markets at the same time.

Today on a year-to-date basis, Germany is showing a 38 percent increase over last year, Austria 71 percent, Switzerland 32 percent, Russia 54 percent, China 95 percent, the Americas 36 percent, and the UAE 42 percent.


“The proof of the pudding is not dancing around the kitchen, but it is in the eating. The Tourism Board has delivered for Seychelles, and it remains focused to continue to deliver for the benefit of the country’s economy and for all those who have ventured into the world of tourism. The team at the Tourism Board must be congratulated for turning the industry around. It would not have happened by itself as everyone in the country knows. Our industry has had trying moments in the past, but since it is now accepted that since the 2010 Board of Directors of the Tourism Board with its new management, the industry has grown from strength to strength,” said Minister Alain St.Ange.

The successes of the islands’ tourism is due in part to the working public/private sector partnership that exists. This is new for the island, and many in the government structures need a mindset change to accept this new working environment that continues to deliver for Seychelles.