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Breaking Travel News interview: Morten Andersen, general manager, Signiel Seoul

Breaking Travel News interview: Morten Andersen, general manager, Signiel Seoul

With the Evian Spa at Signiel Seoul having been recognised as one of the best in Asia by voters at the World Spa Awards, Breaking Travel News chats to hotel general manager, Morten Andersen, to find out more

Breaking Travel News: Congratulations - Signiel Seoul Evian Spa has been honoured with the title of South Korea’s Best Hotel Spa at the World Spa Awards. How does it feel to have taken the prestigious title?

Morten Andersen: It is a great pleasure and honour for Signiel Seoul’s Evian Spa to be named South Korea’s Best Hotel Spa at World Spa Awards.

Our executives and employees of each department have made great efforts to win this award and thus, we are very proud of what we have accomplished altogether.

We also believe it is because customers who experienced Evian Spa were fully satisfied with the facilities and services that we were able to achieve this valuable result.


BTN: Can you tell me a little about the brand – what is on offer to the wellness traveller there in the capital of South Korea?

MA: Signiel is a premium landmark hotel brand introduced by Korea’s largest hotel group, Lotte Hotels & Resorts.

Signiel Seoul is the first hotel under the Signiel brand, and is the highest-rise hotel in Korea.

Its rooms are individually designed to reflect Korean aesthetics along with panoramic skyline and river views of the city.

In sync with such world-class facilities, Signiel Seoul’s dining is a paradise for epicures as a gourmet hotel. Signiel Seoul is the one and only hotel in South Korea which obtained a Michelin star for two of its restaurants - “Stay, Modern Restaurant” by chef Yannick Alléno and “Bicena”.

Evian Spa is also in Signiel Seoul - the third branch in Asia.

Signiel is defining the dimension of luxury, service, and value associated with excellence beyond imagination.

The hotel seeks to become the place where one dreams of staying at least once in one’s lifetime, a chance to live beyond expectations.

BTN: How useful are the World Spa Awards when it comes to promoting the brand in the global hospitality space?

MA: Signiel Seoul actively participates in travel industries all around the world, and the award has given us another chance to enhance our brand awareness on a global scale.

We are confident that visits to Signiel Seoul through Evian Spa will increase more in the future.

BTN: This has been a challenging year for hospitality everywhere – what ambitions do you have for a revival as we move into 2021?

MA: Currently, domestic travel is more active than ever in South Korea, and the demand for premium brands such as Signiel has highly increased to meet the trend referred to as ‘hocance’ - (a portmanteau of hotel and vacation).

We will do our best to satisfy all guests visiting Signiel Seoul with more diverse and unique promotions and services.

Furthermore, as a premium landmark hotel brand representing South Korea, Signiel Seoul will faithfully serve as a venue for VIP events.

It goes without saying that by 2021, global situation concerning Covid-19 is hoped to improve so that guests outside the country are able to have more opportunities of experiencing Signiel Seoul.

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