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Breaking Travel News interview: Anna Teal, chief executive, Aromatherapy Associates

Breaking Travel News interview: Anna Teal, chief executive, Aromatherapy Associates

Aromatherapy Associates has taken the title of World’s Best Aromatherapy Brand at the World Spa Awards, with voters recognising it as the best in the business.

Here Breaking Travel News speaks to Anna Teal, chief executive of the company, to find out what it means to have taken the prestigious title.

Breaking Travel News: Aromatherapy Associates has been honoured with a top title at the World Spa Awards – how does it feel to have won?

Anna Teal: We are beyond honoured to have received the award yet again this year.

Our team work hard to ensure our founder’s vision is met, and to have the brand globally recognised like this gives the team a great boost to keep working as hard as they do.


BTN: Can you tell us a little about Aromatherapy Associates and what is on offer to the wellness community?

AT: Aromatherapy Associates believes in the transformative powers of aromatherapy to create moments of positive wellbeing.

Founded in 1985, it is British-born brand, crafted by experts and still hand-blended in London today; each oil is as authentic and personal as it is effective, sustainable and utterly irresistible.

Born to address a set of universal human needs, be that stress, the need to re-energise, have a restful night of sleep, or find focus, Aromatherapy Associates blends target wellbeing concerns on a physical and emotional level.

In a hectic world, helping people reclaim their lives and recharge their soul during daily moments of reset is their purpose – and this is as true today as it was in 1985.

The Aromatherapy Associates range takes you on a sensory journey to enhance wellbeing, from essential oils to bath and shower experiences, home fragrance and skincare.

To be found in world leading retail and leisure destinations all around the world, and loved by spa professionals who recognise a commitment to excellence.

BTN: How useful will the World Spa Awards trophy be in promoting the brand as we head into 2022?

AT: We are proud winners and always promote the fact that the World Spa Awards have recognised us for our work within the industry.

It shows our future collaborators our commitment to the heart of our brand, spa.

BTN: Finally, how would you describe the mood in global spa tourism as we head into the new year?

AT: With touch hungry consumers, our spas have never been more wanted.

As a result, spas need to ensure their menu offering answers the needs of their existing clients as well as that of the new ones emerging.

We are proud to have innovated in the last year and created capsule collections of treatments that do just that.

From in-room wellbeing treatments to a wellness treatment menu and from live online masterclasses to one-two-one consultations, we want to extend our expertise to a wider audience to circle them back into the spa, as we know there is no better wellbeing outcome than that from a spa treatment.

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