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Breaking Travel News interview: Lorenzo Giannuzzi, founder, Palazzo Fiuggi

Breaking Travel News interview: Lorenzo Giannuzzi, founder, Palazzo Fiuggi

Palazzo Fiuggi has taken the title of World’s Best New Wellness Retreat at the World Spa Awards, with voters recognising it as the best in the business.

Here Breaking Travel News speaks to Lorenzo Giannuzzi, founder of Palazzo Fiuggi, to find out what it means to have taken the prestigious title.

Breaking Travel News: Palazzo Fiuggi has been honoured with a top title at the World Spa Awards – how does it feel to have won?

Lorenzo Giannuzzi: The World Spa Awards has become the most prestigious award in the wellness industry and receiving the award of World’s Best New Wellness Retreat in the first year of operation makes this accolade even more special!

We are extremely proud of it as it is an incredible recognition of the great job of our fantastic team and to the shareholders for the big investments we have done in a very challenging time.


In addition, there is a very special and personal bond that connects me with the property, which has always had a special place in my heart since I came across it many years ago.

When I was working the Forte Hotels Group that owned at that time this majestic hotel and I oversaw the hotel renovation then and reopening as general manager from 1988 to 1992, I literally fell in love with the beauty and history of this majestic building.

My idea was to make it into a leading medical spa but unfortunately before the spa was open and running, I was offered the position of managing director for Caribbean and western Atlantic of the same chain.

My successor at that time abandoned this concept that estimated too technical and decided for a more standard fitness centre.

It was a pity because we could have been the pioneer in the world of this approach to wellbeing.

In 2019 the enchanting Palace was auctioned and after several sessions gone deserted, I decided to make a proposal which went through.

Last May, after two years of scientific and medical research and an extensive refurbishment which has enhanced the original grandeur of this beautiful Liberty-style building, Palazzo Fiuggi has started welcoming all the guests and the great recognitions and accolades which make us extremely proud.

BTN: Can you tell us a little about Palazzo Fiuggi and what is on offer to the wellness community?

LG: Palazzo Fiuggi is the most innovative wellness and medical spa in the world.

It is an authentic temple devoted to wellness and wellbeing, just an hour away from Rome, which blends in a perfect combination the deepest holistic traditions with the most advanced traditional western medicine, with the help of some of the leading technologies available on site, including the latest infrared technology for brain health and sleep, retinal scanning and diagnostic testing.

Food is central to the experience with a unique food line designed but the three-Michelin-starred chef Heinz Beck, who has worked alongside the retreat’s own medical and scientific director to create a line of dishes that utilise biodynamic ingredients and essential nutrients in ways that are as healthful as they are delicious.

Our most popular programmes, which are all evidence based with astonishing results after a week since the start, currently are Optimal Weight, Deep Detox and Full Immunoboost, which is also linked to the Post Covid-19 Programme.

Another successful offer is our newly launched, seven-night Regenerate Programme, which guests can personalise with specific treatments, fitness and yoga activities that suit their personal needs.

In addition, our already successful team of world-renowned doctors and experts have just welcomed doctor Vikas Gupta who will soon introduce amongst Palazzo Fiuggi offer some very interesting programs and therapies aimed to the holistic post-Covid recovery.

He has a wealth of experience, having trained at the Himalayas of integrated health and personal transformation with a master’s in yoga and alternative principles of medicine.

He is specialised in global Ayurveda, nutrition and lifestyle and we truly believe he will help our guests in easing their anxiety and personal challenges.

We can say that everything at Palazzo Fiuggi talks about wellness: the unique healing powers of the Fiuggi water, the tranquillity of its natural environment, its location at 700 meters above sea level with pure oxygen-rich air, made even more cleaner by the fact that there are no factories in the area, they all create an ideal environment for personal transformation, optimal health and wellbeing.

Image: Tyson Sadlo

BTN: How useful will the World Spa Awards trophy be in promoting the property as we head into 2022?

LG: I believe that being recognized by the voters as the best in the business is an excellent achievement at different levels.

On the one side, it is a clear confirmation that we are going in the right way.

On the other side, it is an excellent tool to help the international clientele discover the beauty of the property and the uniqueness of its concept. 

BTN: Finally, how would you describe the mood in global spa tourism as we enter the new year?

LG: Wellness and wellbeing have become a way of life and taking care of oneself as embracing healthy life changing habits is paramount for most of the people, now more than ever.

This is not something we do when we have time, but is has become part of our routine.

The pandemic has been a huge wake up call for everyone, including those who may have not considered a wellness retreat in the past, in fact the wellness tourism is expected to have double-digit annual growth in next years.

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