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Breaking Travel News interview: Kalyani Burt, spokesperson, Maui Healing Retreat

Breaking Travel News interview: Kalyani Burt, spokesperson, Maui Healing Retreat

Maui Healing Retreat has been honoured with the title of Hawaii’s Best Wellness Retreat by voters at the World Spa Awards.

Here Breaking Travel News speaks to spokesperson Kalyani Burt to find out how it feels to have taken the prestigious honour.

Breaking Travel News: How does it feel to have been recognised by voters from around the world?

Kalyani Burt: We’re completely humbled and grateful for those that voted for us.

We are honoured that the community acknowledges the transformational work the Maui Healing Retreat team facilitates.

Our hand-selected and sought-after practitioners are not only experts in their field but are highly devoted to helping our guests heal and re-connect with themselves.


We all love what we do and feel blessed to be recognised for it.

BTN: How will Maui Healing Retreat be using the title to promote the company as we move into 2022?

KB: Winning this prestigious award is a tremendous opportunity for guests worldwide to become better acquainted with our personalised concierge wellness services and experience the healing the island provides.

Incorporating it into our marketing ensures that our guests know that Maui Healing Retreat has set a high standard for our organisation in our commitment to provide a safe, comfortable place to restore and harmonise.

The way we see it, winning Hawaii’s Best Wellness Retreat is monumental in encouraging people to make their physical, mental and emotional health a priority in the years ahead.

This is what brings us the ultimate joy.

BTN: How would you describe the mood in the United States tourism market currently – is the recovery underway from the Covid-19 pandemic?

KB: We’re hopeful; every day, the future looks brighter for the tourism industry!

Maui Healing Retreat saw this pandemic as a transformative opportunity, and we believe the tourism industry did so as well.

We all have had a chance to reimagine how we are serving clients and what’s truly important for our communities.

The Covid-19 pandemic has also raised public awareness of the many dimensions of wellness, including specific pandemic-driven stressors like illness, grief, and social isolation.

We believe this increased awareness will drive the desire to explore, heal, and experience community: the effect, a bounce-back for tourism.

We look forward to welcoming our guests in the year ahead as we continue to expand and enhance our offerings.

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