FCM Travel Solutions to launch Data Excellence Centre in Australia

FCM Travel Solutions to launch Data Excellence Centre in Australia

FCM Travel Solutions has announced the launch of their first Data Excellence Centre, based in Australia.

The Data Excellence Centre is responsible for creating and executing data and analytics strategies to drive further business value for corporations.

Data will be treated as an asset supporting the organisation’s on-going journey to drive innovation and this objective will be approached in five ways:

  • Leverage: Finding ways to use existing tools and data to drive business value.
  • Monetisation: Finding new sources of revenue tied to data.
  • Upkeep: Managing the health of data under governance.
  • Enrichment: Augmenting data by combining internal and external sources.
  • Protection: Ensuring data privacy and security in conjunction with Flight Centre’s Information Security Office.

FCM Travel Solutions general manager for Australia, James Kavanagh, said that the new Data Excellence Centre would provide valuable insights and actionable intelligence which would lead to greater client satisfaction and offer the organisation additional revenue streams.

“We are very excited at the potential of the Data Excellence Centre and believe our customers will be too.

“In a world that is increasingly mobile and technology-driven, data really is king – so this is a very exciting and necessary innovation to ensure FCM continue to lead in this space,” Kavanagh added.

The new division will facilitate innovation consolidating travel data across multiple sources and FCTG retail, wholesale and corporate travel brands.

The Data Excellence Centre will be led by chief data officer, Mike Dudarenok, with other roles to move across progressively as FCM transitions clients to their new analytical platform and reporting solution FCM ClientBank Connect.