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Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone: New Poll Unpicks Travellers’ Desire for Challenge

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone: New Poll Unpicks Travellers’ Desire for Challenge

Leading online Travel Agent Opodo’s latest poll of 10,000 respondents across international markets* - 2,000 from the UK - reveals traveller motivation for getting out of our comfort zones, what that means when it comes to holidays, and how the benefits are felt.

The majority of respondents associate a trip outside of comfort zone with a holiday where they need to learn survival techniques (21%) followed by 20% who see it instead as an improvised trip - without prior organisation.  16% of respondents perceive solo travelling to be an ‘out of comfort zone activity’

24% of UK respondents report they have already travelled to a destination out of their comfort zone and of those the younger age groups are the most experienced - 52% of 18-24 year-olds compared to just 19% of those aged 55-64

20% of UK travellers report that they have not tried this type of travel yet, but are planning to step outside what they ordinarily feel comfortable with - choosing to travel to a place that does not make them feel secure and in control

30% of the respondents to Opodo’s poll see clear benefits in this type of travel, believing that this involves positive challenges.14% believe this will help them to learn another / different way of living and 14% believe they will learn about themselves during the trip


Within the UK it is interesting to note that Londoners are most likely to have travelled outside their comfort zones (36%) compared to just 16% of respondents from Yorkshire and the Humber

Globally Spanish respondents are most keen to explore an out of comfort zone travel (37%) followed by 36% of Portuguese compared to just 29% Americans