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Spa Eastman to welcome sustainable new pavilions

Spa Eastman to welcome sustainable new pavilions

Ever since the 1970s, Jocelyna Dubuc, the president and founder of Spa Eastman, has dreamt about creating environmentally-friendly accommodations.

Her dream has finally become a reality.

Quebec’s wellness pioneer has partnered with Solution Era and entrepreneur Benoît Lavigueur – specialists in the field of ‘green’ buildings – to create healthy, self-sustaining and energy-efficient pavilions.

Designed and constructed by a multidisciplinary team, these ‘oases’ represent a major step towards leaving a legacy for future generations, by creating a health-giving venue for rejuvenation that does not harm the environment.

Back in 1977, Spa Eastman’s approach was considered to be outside the norm - indeed revolutionary - but the company was simply well ahead of its time.


Its environmentally friendly practises already involved saving energy and water, researching ‘natural’ foods, growing organic gardens (without the use of herbicides and pesticides), creating compost and so on.

Respect for the land and for nature has always been key.

These new pavilions will be designed, constructed and maintained in such a way as to rank them among the most innovative and eco-friendly buildings in Canada.

The high quality of this new, green construction project builds on the lifestyle that Spa Eastman has been promoting for 45 years, namely, one that promotes healthy, lifegiving practises for both people and the environment.

Due to their bioclimatic designs and solar-panelled roofs, Les Oasis Eastman offer not just protection from the elements, but also provide self-sustaining thermal energy and power.

“We want these Oasis units to become the prototype for healthy, eco-friendly and self-sustaining tourist accommodations,” said Daniel Duquette, general manager, Spa Eastman.

Sometime during the next few weeks, Spa Eastman (and its partners) will announce more details about Les Oasis Eastman, including the exclusive ways in which you can get involved in the project and its construction.

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