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Seychelles Tourism Minister takes to the airwaves in Beijing, China

Seychelles Tourism Minister takes to the airwaves in Beijing, China

Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture, was interviewed by FM Radio 87.6 Beijing Joy FM Radio at the COTTM 2012 China Tourism Trade Fair and asked what could Chinese holiday makers expect from a Seychelles holiday.

Minister St.Ange was fast to explain the unique selling points of a Seychelles holiday, detailing a list of points unique to Seychelles. Minister St.Ange said that Seychelles provided a destination where safety was assured. He spoke about the diversity provided by the mix of mid-ocean granitic islands and its coral low-lying islands, before stressing on the cleanliness of the islands and the tranquility they provided.

“Seychelles is today known for its clean and clear turquoise blue seas that lap the islands’ white and clean sandy beaches. Seychelles is also known for its climate throughout the world - as the islands with perpetual summer - as the islands’ location at the equator gives it a 27-degree [Celsius] temperature on a year-round basis, but with nice cool breezes to make for the most pleasing times in the tropics. Seychelles is the eco-destination of the world with over 50 percent of its total land area dedicated to nature reserves, and Seychelles has the diversity in population that makes any visitor feel at home in the midst of its friendly islanders,” Alain St.Ange said.

The Seychelles is situated in the middle of the Indian Ocean and has its tourism industry as the pillar of its economy. The island’s private-sector body coined the catch phrase recently that said that Seychelles is today accessible as never before. The Seychelles are today but one stop from anywhere in the world, and they provide a range of accommodation for all budgets and for all pockets. Seychelles remains one tourism destination where no one requires a visa to land and enjoy a holiday in paradise.