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Paul Brunson Helps New Couples Navigate Their First Holiday Together

Paul Brunson Helps New Couples Navigate Their First Holiday Together

A new national study has revealed holidays prove to cause more stress than serenity for some, with over a third of new couples (34%) admitting their first holiday together is one of the biggest tests of a new relationship, with this rising to 60% among new couples aged 18 – 35 years.

The research, conducted by global hotel brand TUI BLUE, revealed the three biggest fears for new couples on holiday include snoring while sleeping (29%), farting in front of a partner (29%) and sharing a bathroom (26%). While some of the biggest turn offs towards a partner include discovering their weird habits (21%), seeing how messy they are (20%) and finding out they facetime their family every day (13%).   

What’s more, the research shows that over a quarter of new couples (27%) don’t go on holiday until they’ve been dating for four-to-six-months, and nearly 40% of new couples wait until they’ve been dating for even longer before jet-setting away.

Across the generations couples aged 18 – 35 years are most likely to put their relationship to the holiday test quickly, with 20% deciding to go on holiday after one – two weeks of dating. Whereas 41% of 56 – 65-year-olds, wait until after six months before they take their first ‘big break’ together.

To help new couples have a harmonious first holiday, TUI BLUE has partnered with Relationship Science Expert Paul Brunson who has identified four typical ‘couples holiday personas’ and devised some tips and resort recommendations for a successful big break:


Adventurous Spirits: These couples thrive on excitement and physical activities. They are always up for a challenge, enjoy exploring nature, and indulge in thrilling experiences such as kayaking, snorkelling or paddle-boarding.
Creative Epicureans: These couples are passionate about discovering new tastes, learning new skills, and expressing themselves creatively. They enjoy activities that stimulate their senses and creativity, like wine tasting or a cooking class.
Cultural Connoisseurs: These couples have an insatiable curiosity about the world and its diverse cultures. They are lifelong learners and enjoy immersing themselves in new experiences such as guided tours or trying local authentic dishes.
Romantic Relaxers: These couples are about relaxation and spending quality time with their partner in a romantic setting. They prefer laid-back activities and cherish moments of peace and intimacy, such as a romantic sunset dinner or a couples massage.
Paul Brunson, Relationship Science Expert, said: “A first trip away together is an exciting but nerve-wracking step for most new couples. There can be anxiety about spending so much time alone together that it reveals potential annoying or unusual habits to one another… or even worse, the ick. To help new couples, I’ve worked with TUI BLUE to identify typical ‘couples holiday personas’ in a bid to eliminate the stresses of first-time holidays by sharing tips and specially curated itineraries including which resorts to book. From Creative Epicureans learning new skills by doing a cooking class or Adventurous Spirits challenging themselves by doing daring activities such as snorkelling or kayaking, TUI BLUE is here to ensure your first holiday as a couple is a success.”

Despite the worries, new couples plan their first trip away to spend quality time together (43%) and make memories with each other (34%). Interestingly, a beach holiday tops the list of first holidays together as nearly half the nation book a coastal getaway, followed by a city break (34%) and adventure holiday (14%).

According to couples, not stressing over the small things (30%) and not spending the holiday glued to their phone (33%), are the best pieces of advice for going on a first holiday together. While nearly a quarter of new couples (23%) say trying something new and picking an activity based on common interests is a sure way to make the most of the big break.

Louise Bates, Managing Director TUI BLUE: “With over half of new couples surveyed opting for a beach holiday for their first big break together, TUI BLUE has some sensational resorts across various short, mid and long-haul destinations, that offer the idyllic solution for a getaway. We know how important the first break away together is and our jam-packed programmes offer activities to bring couples together whether they want to chill out or workout. We’re delighted to be working with Relationship Science Expert, Paul Brunson, to help new couples navigate their first holiday together and take a crucial next step forward in their relationship.”

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