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Discover Ubud With Hoshinoya Bali

Discover Ubud With Hoshinoya Bali

Located in the lush green hills of Ubud in Bali, surrounded by the picturesque Ubud jungle and the valley of the Tukad Pakerisan sacred river, is HOSHINOYA Bali, a tranquil retreat where just 30 luxurious guest villas nestle amongst the trees.

HOSHINOYA Bali is the first property within Hoshino Resorts’ luxury HOSHINOYA brand to be created outside of Japan. Built in 2017, it incorporates touches of rich Balinese culture throughout every aspect of its design, service and ethos. The resort delivers a truly immersive experience – an understanding of Ubud’s rich, yet lesser-known, cultural heritage – across not only the architecture and design of its unique accommodation, but also the experiences and activities on offer.

Architecture and Design

The integration of Balinese and Japanese architecture throughout HOSHINOYA Bali has created the unique character of the resort. Public spaces are woven into the natural landscape, with boardwalks built along the traditional Subak (tiered irrigation) system, and guest villas forming a small village, set around three canal-like bathing pools, reminiscent of the sacred river below. Each villa features a terrace with direct access to the spectacular pools, along with a poolside lounge and thatched gazebo, tailor-made for enjoying Bali’s temperate climate.

The walls of each villa are decorated with hand-carved wooden pictures, each one telling a different story related to Ubud’s wild birds, flora, and vegetation. The stone walls of the poolside lounge areas also feature complex traditional Balinese engravings, with plant and animal motifs, creating an aesthetic connection between each villa’s interior and the majestic jungle that extends beyond. Shoji (Japanese sliding doors) and Andon (Japanese lantern style lights) are carefully integrated amidst the many aspects of Balinese design.



Savour drinks and light snacks amongst the treetops in Café Gazebo, a unique setting which sits above the 170m deep valley. Enjoy the refreshing breeze, and marvel at the tropical jungle below. As dawn breaks, morning sunlight shines through the gaps between the jungle trees, and Café Gazebo is bathed in an orange glow, accompanied solely by the gentle sounds of birds greeting the new day, and the river flowing beneath. Guests can enjoy not only breakfast, but also desserts and drinks in Café Gazebo, whilst savouring the many different sensory experiences within the jungle as it changes, hour by hour, throughout the day.

For a more formal dining experience, The Restaurant at HOSHINOYA Bali offers guests an immersive experience, showcasing the vibrant flavours of traditional Indonesian and Japanese cuisine. Carefully-selected local ingredients - and spices - allow guests to discover the joys of Balinese cuisine while surrounded by the breathtaking majesty of the jungle in an open-air setting. Every detail, including the exquisite bespoke tableware, displays Balinese craftsmanship, along with the vibrant colours and textures that complement the superbly authentic Indonesian and Japanese cuisine. Amuse-bouches are served in die-cast dishes adorned with intricate batik motifs, while larger dishes are elegantly presented in serving baskets inspired by those used by Balinese Hindu disciples in which to present their daily offerings to the gods.

The Restaurant’s new Nusantara Set Menu Dinner celebrates the rich cultural heritage and influences found in Indonesian cuisine with eight individually crafted dishes, each served in small bowls and presented together. Each classic dish is a tribute to Indonesian and Balinese history and flavours, and has been passed down through generations. Fusing HOSHINOYA Bali’s incredible ambiance with these bold flavours - and a touch of Indonesian flair - the Nusantara Set Menu Dinner is a culinary masterpiece, crafted by the recently-appointed Executive Chef, Uyung Al Wazir, a talented culinary artist with over 30 years’ experience.

During the late afternoon and early evening, guests can visit the newly-launched bar, Bale Sakepat, to enjoy carefully-crafted cocktails and snacks. Each drink depicts an aspect of authentic Balinese life and colourful folklore, and is rooted in local tradition and history. The menu will change seasonally, with the latest series dedicated to Nyepi, the Balinese Day of Silence, and the start of the Hindu New Year.

Spa and Wellness

Experience intense calm and relaxation in the spa, nestled in a valley surrounded by the deep green colours of the jungle. Spa rooms are located a short walk down the hill from the resort, allowing guests to become attuned to the sounds and energies of the jungle, as well as that of the rushing water of the Pakerisan River, below; it is an environment that encourages deep relaxation.

Therapists use unique healing skills, passed down through the people of Bali for centuries. Exotic floral scents refresh the mind, body and spirit as guests soak in the lush jungle atmosphere. Locally-made scrubs, body masks and oils make use of organic rice, herbs and spices, all traditionally used in Bali, and bring a sense of deep relaxation, both physically and mentally. Balinese-inspired rituals include the Royal Lulur, Balinese Traditional Boreh, and Balinese Massage.

The spectacular spa offers massage and body rituals alongside complimentary experiences such as sunrise and sunset yoga sessions in a pavilion overlooking the river.

Cultural Experiences

The idyllic rainforest town of Ubud is a hub of traditional dance, crafts, ceremonies, and rituals. Guests of HOSHINOYA Bali are able, if wished, to embark on a cultural immersion experience of a lifetime, exploring not only the heart of the town’s local culture but also the rich traditions of the Balinese villages. This might include craft workshops such as canang (a delicate arrangement of flowers and leaves) and batik fabric printing.

The recently-launched Tenun Cagcag Traditional Weaving workshop adds to the resort’s ongoing programme of authentic local experiences, designed to delve deep into the heart of Unknown Ubud. Textiles and ceremonial cloths have been at the forefront of Bali’s traditions for thousands of years, and the workshops introduce guests to local artisans with whom they can observe the traditional process of weaving Tenun Cagcag cloth, which is indigenous to Ubud and was once reserved solely for Balinese nobles and religious ceremonies.

The name comes from ‘Tenun’ (weaving), and ‘Cagcag’ (the sound made by the wooden loom during the weaving process). Hand-looms clack and clap, weaving length-upon-length of vegetable-dyed threads, forming beautifully distinctive patterns and motifs, and showcasing exceptional artistry.

Inspiration is drawn from local surroundings, including plant, animal and bird shapes. Guests can see first-hand the incredible skills of Ubud’s master weavers, learn about their techniques, and discover the stories behind each unique piece of fabric. It’s a form of historic story-telling, and one that guests can choose, if they wish, to take home with them….

Rates at HOSHINOYA Bali start from 9.8m Indonesian Rupiah (approx. £490) per room per night (room only, two sharing). Contact