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Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire announces new Partnership with Spanish Skin Care Line

Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire announces new Partnership with Spanish Skin Care Line

This fall, The Spa at Beverly Wilshire begins a new partnership with one of the most exclusive brands in the world, Natura Bissé. At the only spa in Beverly Hills to utilise products from the Barcelona-based line, guests of the Hotel can enjoy a variety of unique treatments created specifically for The Spa including wraps, scrubs, massages and facials, highlighted by the exclusive Diamond Collection.

The treatment menu has also been completely re-designed – from a sleek black exterior with textured paper imported from Germany to the unusual and slightly risqué photography shot exclusively for The Spa, it is truly unlike any other spa menu on the market.

The Diamond Collection

For the ultimate in luxury, the new menu features four one-of-a-kind treatments highlighted by the exclusive Diamond Collection.

  The Flawless – For the ultimate in luxury and anti-ageing, this exclusive facial ritual uses diamond-cut quartz and incorporates specialised ingredients to instantly re-energise, strengthen and visibly tighten the skin. Even after the facial is complete, the treatment continues to work, making skin firmer and more resilient, promoting a visible lift, and stimulating firmness and plumping.
  The Clarity – This incomparable body ritual eliminates dry skin, rebalances and energises the mind, provides a shimmering glow and removes electromagnetic pollution. A luminous diamond-dust mud, made from crushed diamonds, polishes the skin and is then removed with magnets to rebalance natural internal energy. A full-body massage unlocks trapped stress between joints and muscles, de-stressing the body and increasing flexibility.
  The Colour – This truly luxurious and pampering manicure and pedicure treatment smooths and hydrates, provides instant luminosity, re-energises tired muscles and stimulates skin firming. The treatment includes a full exfoliation of the hands and feet with a diamond-dust mud polish that purifies and illuminates the skin, and a revitalising massage that re-energises tired muscles.
  The 10 Carat – This ultimate beauty ritual will transport the mind and body on a journey of luxurious sensations, while the skin is treated to an advanced anti-ageing treatment. The full body and face ritual will leave skin dressed with diamond dust and feeling more youthful than ever.



  The Aromatic Journey – Inspired by techniques and ingredients from around the world, this aromatic massage incorporates floral soaked sachets, marble and obsidian stones and lomi juma forearm techniques to detoxify, promote inner balance and clear the mind.
  The Tension Reliever – Incorporating the use of golf balls to soothe tension, this unique massage focuses on four integral points of relief: warming, relaxing, localised treatment and enhancing overall flexibility. The result is long-lasting relief from tension and tired muscles and increased range of flexibility.
  The Detox – This detoxifying treatment flushes out toxins by using specific massage techniques that relax and rejuvenate the body for overall wellbeing.

Body Treatments

  The Scrub Bar – A full-body exfoliation, followed by a deeply firming hydrating cream, purifies the skin and leaves it soft, silky and glowing. Choose crystallised honey, citrus quartz or micro bamboo.
  The Body Contour – This customised contouring treatment incorporates a highly concentrated peel-off sculpting mask and remodelling massage to redefine body contour, restore elasticity and hydration, and tighten and firm skin. Choose cellulite control, slimming or lifting.
  The Dead Sea Wrap – This customised contouring treatment incorporates a highly concentrated peel-off sculpting mask and remodelling massage to stimulate cellular metabolism, purify and rebalance skin, and relieve stress and aches. Choose cellulite control, slimming or lifting.
  The Vita C Soufflé – A citrus quartz scrub, a whipped vitamin C soufflé mask and a hydrating massage work together to purify the skin, even skin tone, stimulate skin firming and tightening and revitalise damaged skin.
  The Citrus Ritual – Firm and tone the skin with this luxurious head-to-toe experience. An antioxidant facial, a citrus body exfoliation, a vitamin C mask and a sculpting massage improve the signs of premature ageing and leave skin with a luminous glow.
  The World Ritual – This ceremony of the senses takes guests on a journey around the world. Treatment begins with a micro bamboo scrub followed by a purifying olive wrap, and concludes with an aromatherapy massage.


  The Antioxidant – This antioxidant and restorative facial gives the skin a boost of energy with 100 percent pure vitamin C to repair the signs of premature ageing, stimulate firming and plumping, and restore elasticity and hydration.
  The Cure – Based on cutting-edge thermoactive enzymatic detoxification, this triple facial cleanse opens and softens the pores for extractions to deeply cleanse the skin, restore a radiant complexion and provide deep exfoliation and oxygenation.
  The Sensitive Touch – This delicate and healing facial is ideal for sensitive skin, pre- and post-procedure. The treatment combats hyper-sensitive skin, gently calms inflammation, relieves skin discomfort and increases resilience.
  The No-tox Lift – An excellent alternative to injections, this facial is designed to re-sculpt the contour of the face with specialised massage techniques and a firming peel-off mask.
  The OMG – Perfect for teenagers, this aromatic oxygen facial provides essential nutrients to leave young skin with a natural glow. The treatment cleans and purifies pores, hydrates and replenishes skin and restores essential nutrients.
  The Modern Man – Specifically designed for the man on the go, this facial diminishes the effects of stress and irritation from shaving and includes an invigorating facial massage. The treatment soothes aggravated skin, tones the face and smooths and hydrates skin.

About Natura Bissé

Natura Bissé is a prestigious Spanish luxury skin care company founded in 1979 by Ricardo Fisas Mulleras. Superb quality products are the key to Natura Bissé’s success. A leader in research, development and innovation, Natura Bissé’s formulas are created with the maximum concentration of cutting-edge, highly effective ingredients. The product is available in the US at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys NY and the company is also launching in the most sought-after spa destinations worldwide. Dermatologists, plastic surgeons, renowned makeup artists and celebrities across the globe are among the brand’s most loyal clients. Natura Bissé has had an exclusive presence at celebrated movie events such as the Goya Awards in Spain, the Emmys, the Oscars, the Dubai film festival and the Montecarlo Television Festival, among others. Its resounding international success has placed Natura Bissé in the most prestigious points of sale on the planet. The second generation of the Fisas family is currently running the company.

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