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Azamara reveals largest ever pre- and post-cruise land programme

Azamara reveals largest ever pre- and post-cruise land programme

Azamara has debuted what it is branding the largest selection of pre- and post-voyage land programs in the cruise industry.

As of today, the destination-focused brand offers a total of over 1,700 land program offerings, which complement its immersive voyages.

The development also marks Azamara Club Cruises’ evolution to Azamara, removing ‘Club Cruises’ from its name.

The company is also debuting a revitalised logo.

The new name and logo reflect a redefined dedication to the destination immersion brand and deepen the brand’s renewed focus on cruising and immersive inland experiences.

The logo’s three main features include an open world symbol signifying infinite opportunities for world travel, two artistic strokes representing both land and sea experiences, and a star representative of Azamara’s namesake ‘Acamar,’ which is the brightest star in the southern sky.

“This is just the beginning; we expect our land programming to grow even more as we continue to augment our services.


“That said, it was a natural next step to take these custom-designed destination itineraries one step further on land and adjust our overall name and expand our strategy,” said Larry Pimentel, chief executive of Azamara.

Pimentel added: “Now available on every single voyage starting October and available throughout future deployments, we will provide a variety of unique curated products, which emphasize our Explore Further identity through benefits such as longer stays, more overnights and night touring.”

To ensure travellers receive first-class service delivered by a specialised independent team, Azamara has collaborated with some of the world’s most renowned luxury travel companies, including Cox & Kings, which will operate over 75 per cent of the land programming.

Other renowned luxury travel companies include Micato, PerryGolf, Aloschi Bros and Furlong Incoming, among others. 

From behind the scenes to exploring with locals, Azamara’s new selection of land programming will offer an extensive collection of experiences designed to bring guests deeper into the heart of local life, offering exclusivity and insider access from local guides and experts around the world.

Azamara is an upmarket cruise line and the leader in Destination Immersion, with three mid-sized ships sailing to all seven continents of the world.

The boutique-style ships allow them to reach marquee ports around the world and dock in smaller less-visited hidden gems.

Azamara’s commitment to creating immersive experiences for travellers to connect with local cultures, allows guests to travel deeper with longer stays, more overnights, and night touring.

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