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Abu Dhabi tourism boosts social media presence

Abu Dhabi tourism boosts social media presence

The Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi has announced the launch of the first official public profile for a tourism board on leading social media platform Snapchat.

The move gives potential travellers the chance to explore everything that the capital of the UAE has to offer in a new and immersive way. 

Public profiles give brands the ability to have an organic presence on Snapchat, housing all their unique content in one discoverable place.

Acting as a portal to unlock everything the region has to offer, the tool will provide subscribers with exclusive travel information for Abu Dhabi, showcasing the wide variety of things to do during a stay in the emirate.

Public profiles were launched by Snapchat in 2020 and have had great success in bringing a brand’s story to life.


The innovative format will allow the destination to share its story with the next generation of travellers, tapping into a new demographic awaiting to discover the beautiful landscape, culture, entertainment and adventure that comes with a trip to Abu Dhabi.

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Take a look at the new public profile here.