The Sultanate of Oman hosts connecting cultures expedition

The Sultanate of Oman is proud to run the “Connecting Cultures” Youth program in thedesert of Oman as part of a drive to foster mutual understanding among the diverse cultures of the world and support diverse social and cultural exchange.

Endorsed by UNESCO and working in close partnership with the Ministry of Education inOman, “Connecting Cultures” is recognised by the United Nations Alliance of Civilisations as one of the world’s leading and most innovative civil society projects addressing the issue of intercultural dialogue between young people.

The Connecting Cultures expedition take groups of young people aged 17-24 from the western and Arab world on an intensive journey into thedesert ofOman into a rough and wild environment where mobile phones do not work.  The young people are able to engage in undisturbed face to face dialogue, identifying shared values and exploring cultural differences. Messages on their progress are sent by the young leaders every evening to the world via IPADIO using a Thuraya satellite phone and posted on the “Connecting Cultures” website.

The latest of the Connecting Cultures expeditions has just come to and end after 7 days of exploration in the mountains of the Jebel Akdhar, one the most spectacular areas of Oman. A group of 18 young leaders from 13 nations including UK, Yemen, Iraqand Oman together explored cultures, issues and attitudes on a real journey of discovery. Future expeditions are now being planned by the Sultanate and its partners.