Ritz-Carlton, Abama unveils new brand-wide spa concept

Ritz-Carlton, Abama unveils new brand-wide spa concept

The Ritz-Carlton, Abama, has introduced the brand’s new global spa concept.

The resort launched a brand new spa journey earlier, revealing some of the world’s finest spa treatments, created to exceed the expectations of its increasingly discerning audience.

Crafted by spa ambassadors at The Ritz-Carlton, the world’s largest provider of luxury spa services, and incorporating inspired treatments nurturing local island influences, The Ritz-Carlton, Abama will offer an exceptional experience tailored individually to its guests.

Working in harmony with Abama Spa’s renowned and blissful sanctuary, the new treatment menu has been developed in conjunction with the pioneering products of Espa, harnessing the science of natural beauty with a potent collection of radically effective formulations.

The resort will also be the first to introduce the innovative and advanced Spanish skincare spa brand, Sepai, to Tenerife.


Hailing from Barcelona, Sepai offers scientific formulas based on its signature RMI5 concept.

This 360 degrees formulation fights all skin ageing causes, based on advanced research and development.

Restorative treatments are based on the seven pillars of wellbeing: Indulge, Relax, Soothe, Rejuvenate, Revive, Awaken and Transform, with indigenous ingredients evoking the unique splendour of the volcanic island.

Incorporating The Ritz-Carlton’s massage mastery, guests will enjoy treatments harnessing endemic elements from the Earth, Wind & Fire, full body experience, inspired by the island’s El Teide Volcano and incorporating lava sand and volcanic stones.

The North African Massage will lean on a variety of culturally inspired massage techniques to improve circulation and enhance relaxation.

The Traditional Abama Ritual will soothe with luscious papaya, organic Aloe Vera and banana extracts.

The new spa concept will excel in advanced beauty treatments offering results driven practices throughout.

A comprehensive, technical facial and body treatment menu presents the highest levels of distinction in age defying, boosting and rejuvenating techniques, and for men a dedicated treatment menu will provide: deep facial practices, muscle and stress relief massages and the Power Hour full body invigoration experience.

Abama Spa’s celebration of global spa excellence is echoed not only throughout its new practices but in its setting, design and philosophy, based on bespoke design and operational innovation.