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The Ritz-Carlton, Amman offers an elegant nod to Jordan’s timeless beauty

There is a particularly charming manner of imbuing a space with elegance that eschews ostentation; a style of modern refinement that is both conscientious and awe-inspiring; a design ethos that is all at once classical, worldly, and in harmony with its surroundings.

If ever a space has exemplified this ethos, surely it is The Ritz-Carlton, Amman Hotel & Residences. Officially opened in May 2022, the property is a breath of fresh air for design enthusiasts, offering perhaps the best example of how local aesthetics can be delicately interwoven into a classically elegant space.

Overall, there are aesthetic themes that take prominence: the beautiful contrasting of colors and hues, the intrigue expressed through lighting, the locally inspired details at every turn, and an architectural boldness that captivates the senses. Perhaps most notably, The Ritz-Carlton, Amman plays with light, reflections, shimmers, and shadows in a way that is absolutely breathtaking. This is exemplified best by the hotel’s pièce de resistance, a magnificent, splendorous chandelier that hangs at the center of the lobby. Crafted specifically for The Ritz-Carlton, Amman by Preciosa, the chandelier features expertly hand-blown glass and more than 15,000 Bohemian crystal trimmings, all carefully assembled to form a true masterpiece. This chandelier alone makes the property worthy of a visit.


Every detail of The Ritz-Carlton, Amman has been thoughtfully considered, and that attention to detail shines at every turn. The hotel applies a serene, contemporary color palette, with light, vivacious marble surfaces, dark timber finishes, and delicate touches of soft green and blue upholstery. A sleek minimalism is paired with bold accents, like the dramatic layering of rich fabrics, and the entire property is infused with locally inspired patterns—hints of Arabesque that are clever, subtle, and perfectly at ease with the general ambiance.

These local touches aren’t always obvious at first glance, but they have the effect of suffusing the hotel and residences alike with a harmonious sense of place: without even realizing it, guests will continually feel that they are deeply, intrinsically connected to the Kingdom that surrounds them, and in tune with the vibrant local culture. The breathtaking caves of Petra, for example, are ingeniously embodied in gorgeous vignettes, while Roman and Nabatean architectural features are given modern reinterpretations throughout the property. The floor finishes in the guest corridors pay homage to the wispy desert landscape, and the guestrooms themselves feature light, airy color palettes that take inspiration from the sand and sea.

Beyond Jordan’s dramatic natural landscapes and rich historic landmarks, The Ritz-Carlton, Amman also blends in chic elements of the Kingdom’s more modern evolution: nods to the county’s Art Deco era can be seen in the property’s color palette and intricate finishings; contemporary Jordanian artistry is spotlighted throughout; and Amman’s growing prominence as a fashion and style hub is given its due attention and emphasis.
As The Ritz-Carlton, Amman welcomes discerning guests of all sorts—from business travelers to leisure tourists—there is no doubt that design enthusiasts will be among those flocking to admire the property’s exquisite ethos.