Mind Body Spirit festival set to become annual event in Seychelles

Mind Body Spirit festival set to become annual event in Seychelles

The Mind Body Spirit festival has been officially launched in Seychelles. Through word of mouth and high publicity, hikers gathered at Seychelles’ rejuvenating spa center “the station” for a healthy hike before converging to the station for the official opening of the Mind Body Spirit festival.

Over the coming twelve days, Seychelles will offer a personalized mind and body treatment. Visitors and locals alike will be indulged into Seychelles’ true concept of the spa healing destination, through an array of rejuvenating treatments, cooling Ayurvedic massage, and pleasantly designed Tai Chi & Qigong sessions.

Officially launching the festival, the Seychelles Minister of Tourism and Culture, Alain St.Ange, congratulated David and Marsha Clarke for this innovative concept of the Mind Body Spirit Festival.

“We need to congratulate David and Marsha for having coined the idea of putting Seychelles firmly in what we believe goes in line with our personalized aspect of tourism. This festival will never be a mass-tourism event, it will remain something personal for the discerning traveler. I think what David has created is an event that goes in line with the concept of spa&wellness, that today we are taking for granted. The world of spas remains a facility that offers the spa and treatment as part of a holiday package, but this can only truly be really appropriate out of mass tourism destinations.

“The Mind Body Spirit Festival takes you a step further, because you will also discover the beauty and tranquility of Seychelles. This is exactly why the Seychelles Tourism Board and the Ministry of Tourism and Culture have been supportive of David and Marsha Clark from the first time that they coined the idea, and this is why we have worked with them from our office in London and in Seychelles through the Events Department of the Seychelles Tourism Board. Today, we are happy that all our joint effort has come to fruition and that the Mind Body Spirit Festival has been launched.”