ICTP welcomes Oman as their latest destination alliance member

ICTP welcomes Oman as their latest destination alliance member

The Ministry of Tourism for the Sultanate of Oman joined the ICTP (International Council of Tourism Partners) as their latest alliance member.

Mr. Mohammad Ali Bin Said, Director of Oman Tourism and Senior Adviser to the Minister of Tourism, stated, “We would like to congratulate you for this effort and will be more than happy to join you.”

Geoffrey Lipman, ICTP president and senior advisor to the Secretary General of the UNWTO (UN World Tourism Organization) thanked Oman in a welcome letter to Mohamad Ali Bin Said for it’s efforts towards quality and green growth and their commitment to ICTP. Mr. Lipman said: “Every destination has a unique approach to these issues, and I have observed in recent years how Oman has developed a clear vision in this respect, as well as putting in place support programs. ICTP will hopefully be one of the key resources you use going forward as the space gets more competitive and the external pressures intensify. We plan to do this in ways that are innovative and re-enforce your own initiatives.”

ICTP is providing two core services to it’s members. Quality destinations committed to green growth can join the ICTP alliance. Membership is open to countries, regions, and cities, and affiliated membership is open to a wide variety of private companies and partnerships.

ICTP key objectives are:


• Cooperative marketing, promotion, and branding that helps members improve business, extend limited budgets, and deliver quality.

ICTP will position alliance members’ products and reinforce marketing and promotion initiatives using the proven global support services and multimedia platforms of global media groups such as trade and mainstream media, as well a major presence at trade shows, events, and conferences in key markets and potential secondary markets around the world.

By engaging with supporting service providers, ICTP will also provide tailored opportunities for members to improve performance in such areas as communications, public relations including media outreach, social media, e-marketing, advertising, sales, video conferences, webinars, etc.

• Sustainable development support to help members acheive low-carbon green growth

ICTP is providing guidance and education to help alliance members devise policies and programs that create progressively more sustainable travel and tourism communities, companies, and related visitor actions.