Pegasus Partnership with Orient-Express Hotels

Pegasus Solutions
and Orient-Express Hotels
today announced that Orient-Express has selected Pegasus for several services including the RezView central reservations service, the Online Distribution Database and Network, the Electronic Distribution switch and private-label voice services.  Under the companies’ agreement, Orient-Express will use Pegasus services in its move to control and promote its Orient-Express brand identity.  The move creates an “OE” code for the brand on global distribution systems (GDSs) used by travel agents worldwide.  Orient-Express has teamed Pegasus’ RezView central reservations system (CRS) with Pegasus’ distribution services, enabling it to centrally book reservations from travel agents and hundreds of Web sites that use distribution services from Pegasus.  Additionally, through the use of voice services from Pegasus, travelers now can call a central number to make reservations at all Orient-Express properties.

“With these services from Pegasus, we now can promote our brand identity through GDSs and Internet sites, which we believe will strengthen both our company and each hotel property,” said Angela Clarke, director of sales and marketing worldwide for Orient-Express Hotels.  “Additionally, we now have greater control over our rate strategy and Internet bookings.  We selected Pegasus because it is a single vendor with a broad range of excellent services.”


According to Bob Boles, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Pegasus Solutions:  “Orient-Express has long touted the prestige of its individual properties.  Now with this group of Pegasus services, Orient-Express has the tools to promote the prestige of its brand and drive bookings at its hotels.  We’re glad to be Orient-Express’ ‘one-stop-shop’ for reservations-related technology and services.”