Amadeus Adopts Single ‘Fares and Rules Format’ Globally

announced today that it recently completed its global alignment on the use of a single format for loading all public and negotiated fares and fare-related data.  The change to the encoded data structure globally makes available the most accurate and up-to-date fares and rules data to travel agencies worldwide.Mr. Tony Carter, Director of Regional Operations, Amadeus Asia Pacific, said, “Amadeus is the first Global Distribution System to achieve this alignment on a global basis.  The switch to the encoded structure worldwide allows direct loading of fares and rules data for all providers onto the Amadeus system, enhancing the speed and accuracy of the data available to travel agents.”

“Additionally, the quality of information is a better match to travel agency search criteria, increasing search flexibility and functionality,” he said.

The use of the encoded data structure, collected from more than 500 airlines globally and updated multiple times daily, enables Amadeus to load automatically its pricing rule data tables from all data providers without significant human intervention so that new fares can be sold in the shortest possible time.  Individual airlines submit the fare and rule information direct to ATPCo, or SITA, reducing the chance of errors, increasing the accuracy of Amadeus fares, and fare-related data, and offering travel agencies greater search flexibility and functionality using Amadeus products.

Mr. David Brett, President of Amadeus Asia, said, “Amadeus has a number of new solutions, currently undergoing pilot testing in markets, slated for deployment in the region in coming months which will further drive our fare accuracy as well as provide even more flexibility to benefit corporate customers, in particular.”