Stayxs Inc. Launches Online Booking Engine Software

Stayxs Inc, the definitive online hotel distribution company, today launched a free proprietary software product, that will allow independent hotels and small/medium hotel chains to battle with the industry giants.
The Online Booking Engine will not only let hotels create an online booking function but also enable them to manage their room inventory and rates online.
Hoteliers can register for Online Booking Engine and add the online inventory management and booking functions to an existing hotel website simply by visiting, Once Registered they can then take bookings through their own website and through a listing on all the Stayxs Partner web sites and affiliates.
P. Syal, Spokesperson, Stayxs comments, “We work closely with hotels to make sure their needs are being addressed. It became clear that although smaller chains and independent hotels in India usually have a website, without the correct booking software they cannot effectively deal with online reservations. We have created a package that will allow hoteliers to build their presence and start generating real revenue through online transactions. Furthermore, we can help them access the huge marketplace of on-line travellers worldwide.”
Prior to the introduction of the Internet, hotels received bookings either directly from a consumer or through a third party such as a travel agent. In the cases where a travel agent is used, there is a “value-chain” which results in cost implications to hotels from the intermediaries that enable the third party to book a room for a client. Often the costs amount to more than 25% of the hotel room value. This value chain evolved over the past 50 years and the economics are such that until recently, it has only been viable for large, branded hotel chains to access online and electronically distribute directly. Stayxs Online Booking Engine enables hotels to distribute their inventory via the Internet at up to 20% less cost than through the third party process.