Brits spend £10 BILLION on holidays this year

Brits spend £10 BILLION on holidays this year

Brits desperate to escape the rainy weather have spent more than £10 BILLION on holidays already this year, a new study has revealed.

Research has tracked the spending habits of people desperate to escape the dark and cold winter months. The survey, of 2,000 people, found that by today more than one in four people will have already booked their summer break for the year.

It is thought that the average Britain splashes out £1,204 on a holiday, meaning as a nation we spend over £40 billion on getting away. The study found that by today more than £10 billion would have been spent on summer holidays.

Researchers from luxury staycation specialists,, who commissioned the survey, pinpointed the time and date most of us get fed up with the January blues.

They found that two thirds of us reporting feeling down and having nothing to look forward to at this time of the year. 52 per cent of those questioned also admitted to booking a holiday in January because they felt the need to get away. Over a quarter of people surveyed (28 per cent) revealed that they were persuaded to book a holiday in January after seeing a particularly good deal.


Charles Millward, chief executive of, said: “Many people find January to be the most depressing month of year, in part because it’s dark and the weather is miserable.

“It’s no surprise then that we keep an eye out for a travel deal and the majority of us will book our summer holiday by today. Planning a trip in January can do wonders for elevating our mood and giving us something to look forward to.”

The report also discovered that one in five Brits will chose to stay in the UK this year. Six in ten people said that the great summer of 2013 might prompt them to consider holidaying in the UK during 2014 – with 14 per cent certain to switch.

Millward added: “Last year’s great weather has made people re-asses their holiday options for this year. We’ve seen that many are swapping long-haul flights and two-week trips abroad for regular short breaks in the UK. This country has some of the finest beaches, history and culture in the world. It can be a fantastic holiday choice, so it’s great to see an increasing number of Brits will be holidaying at home this year and experiencing all the UK has to offer.”