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VFS Global extends visa partnerships with Croatia and Lithuania

VFS Global extends visa partnerships with Croatia and Lithuania

VFS Global has extended its visa processing partnerships with the ministry of foreign affairs of the Republic of Lithuania and the ministry of foreign and European affairs of the Republic of Croatia.

Under the renewed agreements, VFS Global will service Croatia visas in 27 countries, and Lithuania visas in nine countries.

The agreement extends Croatia visa services through VFS Global for a further five years in Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Mongolia, Morocco, Nepal, Nigeria, Oman, China, Philippines, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, Ukraine and Vietnam.

The contract signed with Lithuania extends VFS Global’s visa services for the period of one year in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, China, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine.

Under the contract, VFS Global will now also serve Lithuania in Kosovo, through a new Visa Application Centre in Pristina.


Chris Dix, head, business development, VFS Global, remarked: “VFS Global’s relationship with Croatia and Lithuania has grown from strength to strength through the years.

“We have been associated with the two Ministries since 2013, and are delighted to have been given the opportunity to continue offering them our visa services through these contract extensions.

“Not only does the agreement renewal reinforce the two governments’ faith in VFS Global’s service standards, but also strengthens our company’s position as the leading visa services partner to EU member states.”

For VFS Global, 2017 was an eventful year, with seven new client governments signed on: namely, Bahrain, Cote d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo, Georgia, Nigeria, Slovakia and Ukraine.

VFS Global is the trusted partner to 58 client governments worldwide, offering a range of visa, permit, passport, and consular services.