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Croatia launches new social media tourism campaign

Croatia launches new social media tourism campaign

The Croatian National Tourist Board has launched a new promotional campaign – entitled ‘Thank you’ - on social networks including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The body said it would like to thank foreign tourists for choosing Croatia and Croatian destinations for their trips this year.

The campaign is being implemented across 13 foreign markets – including Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Hungary, Belgium, France, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

“With this campaign, we would like to thank all foreign guests who, despite the prescribed epidemiological measures and travel protocols, have shown their confidence in Croatia during this challenging and unpredictable year.

“Our goal is to continue to maintain the visibility of Croatia in selected markets and to let everyone know that they are also welcome in Croatia next year,” said the Croatian National Tourist Board director, Kristjan Stanicic.


He also noted that to-date more than seven million tourists have visited Croatia this year.

The focus of the campaign is primarily on Germany, Slovenia, Poland and the Czech Republic, the markets that, along with domestic tourists, recorded the greatest number of overnights in Croatia this year.

For each market, the visuals of the three favourite and most visited destinations from each group are highlighted.