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TripAdvisor overhauls offering with new community focus

TripAdvisor overhauls offering with new community focus

TripAdvisor has announced that travellers worldwide can join the all-new TripAdvisor.

The new TripAdvisor seeks to transform travel by becoming the one place online that allows consumers to effortlessly discover, save and share great recommendations when planning a trip.

Beyond enjoying more than 702 million reviews and opinions, travellers can now get useful and relevant advice from the people and experts they trust.

Consumers want to travel with confidence and maximise the value of every trip, but travel planning can be overwhelming with so many different sources of online and offline information.

While the wisdom of the crowds is helpful, travellers want to factor in the advice of friends and family more when making decisions.


Starting today, travellers searching the new TripAdvisor for places to go, things to do, and where to stay or eat can discover helpful recommendations and advice from the people and experts they have chosen to follow.

They can then easily save and share ideas to plan and book their perfect trip.

“We’re very excited to be changing travel yet again.

“Just as you have your go-to site or app for music and shopping, we are making sure TripAdvisor is now your go-to resource for travel,” said Stephen Kaufer, president, TripAdvisor.

“The new TripAdvisor provides its members with great content from the people, brands and influencers they rely on for travel and in-destination advice before and during their trip.

“With the introduction of new voices to TripAdvisor, travellers can better plan their trips by easily finding their ideal hotel, experience or restaurant.”

Travellers now have access to helpful and inspirational videos, photos, articles and guides from friends and family, as well as from over a thousand brands, publishers, and influencers including The Independent, National Geographic, Time Out, Culture Trip, The Saccone-Jolys and Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts.

A new feature called Trips enables travellers to collaborate with others by saving, organising, sharing and creating lists or in-depth guides highlighting their favourite hotels, restaurants, experiences in a particular destination.

TripAdvisor has always been recognised as the leading travel review website by consumers. The new TripAdvisor, which features some familiar social tools available on other sites, is expanding to offer travellers news ways to plan their journey. 

In addition to the ability to share the more than 702 million reviews and opinions on TripAdvisor, it is now easy for members to follow others they trust.

Members can follow more than a thousand trusted brands, publishers and social media influencers that have already joined the beta experience.

Travellers can also discover advice and recommendations via their travel feed and see what friends and family recommend.

Kaufer added: “This is just the beginning for TripAdvisor as we continue to work with the community to build the best experience for travellers worldwide.

“In the coming weeks, we will welcome more brands and influencers to the travel feed and will allow members to upload and share videos and articles.”