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The Golden Hinde in London set to be transformed into cocktail bar

The Golden Hinde in London set to be transformed into cocktail bar

Pirates of the Hidden Spirit, the world’s first immersive cocktail experience, is set to debut in London on an authentic 16th century pirate ship.

For three days each week, Francis Drake’s The Golden Hinde will transform into The Hidden Spirit - a treasure-hunting vessel led by legendary adventurer captain Jack Cassidy

This completely unique and mischievous night-out allows guests to experience life as a pirate on the Seven Seas.

Inspired by legendary characters synonymous with piracy, Pirates of the Hidden Spirit will see guests recruited to captain Jack Cassidy’s crew and given an opportunity to plunder the world’s finest treasure, including delicious cocktails.

The year is 1795, Cassidy has been recruited by the US government to sail The Hidden Spirit and recover a bounty of treasure, valued at $2 million, that has disappeared in London.

With the riches recovered, The Hidden Spirit is docked on the Thames before making the arduous journey back to America, but the ship is unable to set sail as the crew have mysteriously fallen ill.

Once on-board, guests transform into Cassidy’s crew and are given authentic pirate coats and three-cornered hats.

They are then warned by the ships governor that the vast treasure, including all of the liquor and spirits contained within the chest, must return safely to America, with all acts of treachery and mutiny punishable by walking the plank.

Directed to the gun deck, the first cocktail of the evening is served, the legendary grog that goes by the name of the Golden Shimmer.

This luxurious cocktail is formed from pieces of gold taken from the treasure and must be sipped surreptitiously to avoid falling foul of the governor.

Crewmates are then served two further exotic cocktails within the bowels of The Hidden Spirit’s barrel deck.

Pirates of the Hidden Spirit launches at St Mary Overie Dock, central London, on Thursday November 22nd.

Visits to Pirates of the Hidden Spirit will last for one hour and forty minutes and cost £34.99 per person (includes 3 cocktails.

Find out more on the official website.