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Spain to close all hospitality accommodation from Tuesday

Spain to close all hospitality accommodation from Tuesday

Officials in Spain have ordered the closure of all hotels, campsites and short-stay accommodation from next Tuesday.

The closures come amid a rising number of coronavirus cases in the country.

There have been 14,769 cases recorded in the country, with 638 deaths to date.

Spain is currently under an intensive lockdown, which is expected to last for another two weeks.

In response to the latest moves, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office has advised Britons to get in touch with their travel operator as soon as possible.


A spokesperson said: “The Spanish government have confirmed that all hotels will close in Spain from Tuesday.

“We therefore advise British travellers in Spain to contact their tour operator or airline as soon as possible, to arrange their return journey home before this date.”

The country declared a state of emergency on March 14th, which introduced a series of measures including significant restrictions on movement throughout the country in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Seats on flights out of Spain over the coming days are expected to be in high demand, with both Ryanair and easyJet announcing near complete groundings from next week.


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