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Ryanair warned again by the Advertising Standards Authority

Ryanair warned again by the Advertising Standards Authority

Two advertisements for Irish low-cost carrier Ryanair have been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

A total of 17 complaints were received by the government body after the airline issued two adverts of women posing in their underwear under the slogan ‘Red Hot Fares & Crew! One way from £9.99’.

The ASA upheld complaints from the public that the adverts were sexist and objectified women.

In defence, Ryanair argued crew members have volunteered to take part and thus the images could not objectify women.

Moreover, the carrier said adverts had taken images from a charity calendar – pictured above.

Adverts featuring male members of staff were also produced, the carried said.

However, the ASA considered the appearance, stance and gaze of the women to be seen as sexually suggestive this in breach of the advertising practice code.

“We considered that the ads were likely to cause widespread offence, when displayed in a national newspaper,” it said.

The advertising watchdog said the adverts must not appear again.

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