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Real jungle gym at Four Seasons tented camp Golden Triangle

Real jungle gym at Four Seasons tented camp Golden Triangle

Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle is an active place for active people. Whether it’s that first leap up onto an elephant’s back, perfecting the necessary moves to drive one’s pachyderm, or simply enjoying the view from atop a gentle giant, guests definitely get a bit of a workout during their stay.

But for some guests, all of this activity isn’t quite enough, and they still long to push themselves that little bit further. Introducing the new Jungle Gym program, a workout in the bamboo jungles of northern Thailand, Four Seasons Tented Camp-style.

The Jungle Gym exercise session starts with stretching at the pool deck, breathing in cool, clean air while gazing at the slowly flowing Ruak River and the mysterious plains of Burma directly opposite. Next, a one-kilometre (.62 miles) guided uphill hike on the Camp’s Jungle Trail leads to the Camp Peak, the highest spot of the property, for breathtaking views of the Mekong River and the mountains of Laos as one takes a moment to catch one’s breath.

The course then continues with a downhill trail to Burma Bar for cold towels and water, after which it’s an 800 metre (875 yard) run, jog or walk back to the Camp’s main restaurant Nong Yao. This leg of the course is also shared by the Camp’s resident elephants, so encountering an elephant-jam is always a possible hazard on this workout.

Finally, the Jungle Gym session ends once again at the pool deck, where it’s time for some weight training with dumbbells or a spot of jump-rope, before slipping into the soothing waters of the Camp’s free-form swimming pool or whirlpool to soothe those tired muscles.


Just in time for breakfast with the elephants at Nong Yao, and another active day at the Camp.

The new Jungle Gym sessions will be launched on May 1, 2012 at Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle, and are available daily, free of charge for Camp guests.