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Malaysia Airlines sees booking accelerate in late 2016

Malaysia Airlines sees booking accelerate in late 2016

Malaysia Airlines Berhad has reported booking accelerated in the last quarter thanks to a focus on the premium business traveller and all-inclusive economy fares. 

Chief executive Peter Bellew explained: “The last quarter saw a good performance in a challenging environment.

“Our staff have worked hard to improve customer service which is reflected in increased bookings.

“Our focus is to be a five star premium Asian airline, offering the best of “Malaysian Hospitality” to 15 million customers a year, travelling to 54 destinations in 21 countries.

“At the core of our brand is the Golden Rule - treat customers as you would wish to be treated yourself.

“The Golden Rule will be supported by simpler customer service policies and a large investment in training in 2017.”


Passenger load factors improved in quarter four of 2016 to 81 per cent year on year, up from 70 per cent for the same period of 2015, peaking at 90 per cent in December.

Malaysia Airlines has maintained fare discipline despite competitor fares dropping.

Bellew added: “We remain focused on cost control and have identified a further RM400 million of cost reductions in 2017 to offset US dollar strength.”

Average fares at the carrier fell by three per cent, to RM484, per passenger quarter on quarter.

At the same time traffic grew five per cent to 3.8 million customers over the same period.