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Introducing Inclusive Morocco, the first LGBTQ+ -founded and led luxury travel company in Morocco

Introducing Inclusive Morocco, the first LGBTQ+ -founded and led luxury travel company in Morocco

Introducing Inclusive Morocco the first LGBTQ+ -founded and led luxury travel company in Morocco with a 100% Moroccan team. Set up by two passionate advocates for sustainability and inclusivity, Bilal El Hammoumy and Rania Chentouf, Inclusive Morocco itineraries are meticulously designed to celebrate the rich tapestry of Moroccan culture, with the local environment top of mind. The experienced team champions excellent hospitality and inclusiveness, ensuring every traveller leaves Morocco with a unique and profound connection to the country’s abundant spirit.

Featured trips include Echoes of the Atlas, Morocco with a Family, and Northern Morocco.

**NEW** for 2024: Echoes of the Atlas: This pioneering trip underscores the power of regenerative travel, showing that luxury and sustainability can happily coexist. It invites travellers to experience the Atlas Mountains’ grandeur through a lens of luxury that does not compromise the environment, ensuring a journey as enriching as it is responsible. Prices start from £13170 per person based on two people sharing.
Morocco with Kids: Specially designed to cater to the UK market, this trip is adaptable to families of all sizes, including multi-generational groups. It offers a blend of activities that ensure every family member, from the youngest to the oldest, experiences the magic of Morocco in a way that is meaningful and memorable. Prices start from £3165 per person.
Northern Morocco: Spotlighting Inclusive Morocco’s area of expertise and origin, this trip offers an intimate exploration of Northern Morocco’s rich heritage and new experiences. From the historical streets of Tangier to the rugged Rif mountains, travellers will discover a region brimming with culture, history, and new opportunities for adventure. Prices start from £3710 per person.
Commitment to sustainability and social impact
Inclusive Morocco operates with sustainability as its compass, embedding eco-conscious practices and community engagement into the core of its operations. The company is steadfast in its commitment to fostering a positive social and environmental impact, aiming for a harmonious balance that not only resonates with the vibrant spirit of Morocco but also secures an inclusive future for all.

Through active engagement with the local LGBTQ+ community and support for non-profit organisations such as the High Atlas Foundation, Association Darna, and Kif Kid Organisation, Inclusive Morocco pledges to contribute significantly to the communities it touches.

Collaborations with environmental start-ups like MJ Bike Morocco and initiatives with WeTravel to offset carbon emissions are testament to their goal of achieving a negative carbon footprint by 2026, underlining actions that echo through the valleys of Morocco to create lasting positive change.


A pioneering force in LGBTQ+ and luxury travel
Inclusive Morocco stands as a beacon of progress in the travel industry, not only highlighting the beauty and diversity of Morocco but also championing the values of inclusivity and diversity.

Join Inclusive Morocco on a journey where luxury meets sustainability, culture embraces inclusivity, and every travel experience is an opportunity to make a positive impact. Discover a new way to explore Morocco, where every step is a step towards a brighter, more inclusive future.

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