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BTN interview: Marcello Cicalò, group director of operations, Italian Hospitality Collection

BTN interview: Marcello Cicalò, group director of operations, Italian Hospitality Collection

Italian Hospitality Collection is celebrating a double win at the World Spa Awards, with Breaking Travel News here catching up with group director of operations, Marcelo Cicalò, to find out more

Breaking Travel News: Congratulations on your recognition at the World Spa Awards - with the Spa at Fonteverde honoured with the title of World’s Best Country House Hotel Spa and Grotta Giusti taking the trophy for World’ Best Thermal Grotto Spa. How does it feel to have won?

Marcello Cicalò: It is always a great honour to be awarded at the World Spa Awards.

We feel very proud of these recognitions as every year World Spa Awards selects the best properties in the spa industry worldwide.

The awards can be seen as a milestone of the year: they confirm that our job has been successful and that our guests are satisfied of our hotel services and spa experiences.

BTN: This is not the first time you have been honoured in this way – what do you think it is that attracts voters to the Italian Hospitality Collection properties?


MC: This is true - Fonteverde and Grotta Giusti were already honoured at the World Spa Awards in the past years.

Grotta Giusti, in particular, was awarded the title of World’s Best Thermal Grotto Spa in 2018 and 2019.

So, this is the third consecutive year that we win in this category.

What attracts voters? The unique offering that we have (I’m referring to the thermal grotto of Grotta Giusti, in particular), the beauty of the destination where our resorts are located, in Tuscany, and the experience, the kindness and the professionalism of our hotel team and spa therapists.

BTN: How useful are the World Spa Awards when it comes to promoting the collection of luxury hotels around the world?

MC: World Spa Awards is a well-recognised organisation all over the world.

Being awarded in it, year after year, helps us promoting our resorts as the best spas internationally.

We usually give notice of the winners’ recognitions through our social media channels, our PR activities, on our websites and throughout our sales activities.

It helps us positioning in the upper scale market.

BTN: It has been a tough year for hospitality, in Italy, and across Europe – is there hope for a revival moving into 2021?

MC: We do really hope so.

Due to the general situation, we noticed a growing demand for healthcare and wellbeing.

People are more interested in taking care of themselves.

So, our spa resorts are the best destinations they can refer to, thanks to our long-time experience in medical programmes.

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From the highly considered interiors and plush décor, to the charming hotel staff, Italian Hospitality Collection seeks to ensure every moment of an experience is steeped in true Italian culture.

When they welcome you as a guest, they greet you with the warmth and care reminiscent of family, inviting you to indulge in the finest they have to offer.

Find out more about the stunning collection on the official website.