Top 5 best tourist cities in China

Top 5 best tourist cities in China


Marvel in Beijing’s ancient past as well as enjoy its explosive modern development. History comes alive in Beijing, the capital and political center of China, as travelers visit the Forbidden city, a splendid complex of imperial palaces that were home to Ming and Qing dynasty emperors. Other must-see destinations in Beijing include the expansive 99 square acre Tiananmen Square, the magnificent Summer Palace on Kunming Lake, the mystical Temple of Heaven, the Hutongs of Old Beijing, and last but not least, the sprawling Great Wall, one of the seven Great man made wonders of the world.


Shanghai is China’s leading center of commerce, science and technology. From its bold nd ever-changing skyline to popular attractions such as the shopping haven of Nanjing Road, picturesque Yu Garden, spiritual Jade Buddha Temple and the waterfront Bund. Shanghai truly stirs the senses. THe cosmopolitan port city on the East China Sea engages the spirit as one explores the storied colonial past as well as current trends in art, design and culture.



Xi’an brings visitors back in time to ancient Chinese civilization. Its 5000 year history covers the entirety of Chinese history including 13 dynasties. Xi’an’s historical significance as a major trade center on the Silk Road is evident, having been protected by the surrounding moat and ancient City Wall.


Situated in southern China, Guilin’s breathtaking beauty inspired the ancient saying “Guilin’s scenery is unmatched under heaven.” The tranquil setting abounds with sparkling waters, rolling green hills, deep caverns, and the magnificent Li River that winds its way to the quaint town of Yangshuo. Elephant Trunk Hill and the Reed Flute Cave are other popular attractions in this charming city.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong has developed into the premiere financial powerhouse of the Far East. Bustling and vibrant, Hong Kong boasts a rich blend of Chinese heritage and European traditions. Visitors to “Asia’s World City” will experience panoramic views from Victoria Peak, the uniqueness of Aberdeen Floating Community, and the offerings at the open air Stanley Market. Set amidst beautiful and lush surroundings, Hong Kong offers visitors all the benefits of a thriving and dynamic commercial center with unmatched shopping and spectacular cuisine.